Top things to do

Top Choice Fort in Batticaloa

Dutch Fort

This once-mighty fort is now home to administrative offices, and though large sections of the structure are crumbling, it's still an evocative sight. It was built by the Portuguese in 1628, but the Dutch took over a…
Top Choice Sri Lankan in Batticaloa

Riviera Resort

Dining here evokes memories of colonial times, as waiters fix you up with a drink (ideally a gin and tonic) on the veranda, take your order and beckon you into the dining room (or onto the terrace), then set you up …
Top Choice Sri Lankan in Batticaloa

Sun Shine Cafe

Sun Shine has quite a reputation, and it's easy to see why. This modern, clean and welcoming place covers all bases with an amazing display of biryanis, curries (try the mutton) and pilau rice, as well as burgers, c…
Top Choice Museum in Batticaloa

Heritage Museum of Kattankudy

This fine new museum plunges deep into the history of Muslims and Arab traders locally. Spread over three floors, it tells a compelling story about centuries of culture through models, displays, recreations, artefac…
Sri Lankan in Batticaloa

RN Buffet & Take Away

A wonderful find, this hyper-busy little olive-coloured eatery, run by a delightful, industrious couple, has an excellent takeaway section (vegie/meat meals Rs 120/200) popular with office workers. Upstairs is a buf…
Cafe in Batticaloa

Café Chill

A meeting point for Batti's version of hipsters, this rustic little cafe serves fab coffee, tea (including herbal varieties), juices and lassis in a relaxed semi-alfresco setting close to the lagoon. Food, such as b…
Beach in Batticaloa

Kallady & Navalady Peninsula Beach

This long beach follows the peninsula all the way north to the end. The swimming is usually good. With a bike, you can explore the beach, which has access at numerous places from Navalady Rd. Some areas have more sh…
Park in Batticaloa

Mahatma Gandhi Park

This lovely modern park along Old Batti's waterfront is popular with strolling couples and includes features such as the Batticaloa Gate, which was a 19th-century welcoming arch to the harbour.
Lighthouse in Batticaloa

Batticaloa Lighthouse

At the end of a sandbar, surrounded by lagoons and mangroves, this 28m-tall lighthouse dates from 1913. The sheltered coastline around here is a popular family excursion (avoid weekends) and there's a play area for …
International in Batticaloa

Tomato Restaurant

When the tropical heat becomes too much, the sanctity of air-conditioned Tomato is refreshingly welcome. This refined restaurant has Western food (pasta, sandwiches, salads, seafood and grilled lamb chops) as well a…