Historic Site in Riyadh

Masmak Fortress

It’s a scene out of the movies: a big fortress representing an empire. Surrounded by sand, this squat fortification was built around 1865 and was the site of Ibn Saud’s daring 1902 raid, during which a spear was hur…
Notable Building in Riyadh

Al Faisaliah Tower

Designed by British architect Norman Foster and built in 2000 by the Bin Laden construction company, Al Faisaliah Tower was the first of the startling new structures to rise above Riyadh’s skyline. It’s most famous …
Museum in Riyadh

National Museum

This state-of-the-art museum is one of the finest in the Middle East. Encased within modernist architecture, its two floors contain eight well-designed and informative galleries covering Arabian history, culture and…
Zoo in Riyadh

Riyadh Zoo

The largest zoo in Saudi Arabia began in 1957 as a small-scale zoo that housed animals gifted to members of the Al Saud ruling clan. Refurbished and opened to the public in 1987, its highlights include the houbara b…
Notable Building in Riyadh

Kingdom Centre

Riyadh’s landmark tower is a stunning piece of modern architecture – it’s particularly conspicuous at night, when the upper sweep is lit with constantly changing coloured lights. Rising 302m high, its most distincti…
Museum in Riyadh

Antiquities Museum

This museum belongs to the College of Tourism and Antiquities at King Saud University and is home to objects discovered during the Faw and Rabdha excavations (archaeological sites in southern and northern Saudi Arab…
Market in Riyadh

Souq Al Jamal

One of the largest in the Arabian Peninsula, Riyadh’s camel market is a fascinating place to wander. Late afternoon is when the traders really find their voices. If you want to put in a bid, you’ll need a good SR500…
Viewpoint in Riyadh

Sky Bridge

High-speed elevators at the landmark Kingdom Centre fly you (at 180km/h) to the 99th-floor Sky Bridge, from where the views are breathtaking (you’re allowed to take photos from up here). Avoid weekends and evenings …
Landmark in Riyadh

Clock Tower

Important landmark in the old city.
Landmark in Riyadh

Water Tower

Visible from across the city.