Must-see attractions in Romania

  • National History & Archaeological Museum


    This is the city's most important museum, though on balance it's a minor disappointment. The stunning exhibits of vases, jewellery and statuary from the…

  • Town Hall Tower


    The 50m-high tower, which is now open to the public, counts four main levels, three of which have viewing platforms. A 10-lei entry fee includes admission…

  • Poienile Izei Church


    This wooden church from the early 17th century has some of the most dramatic (and best preserved) frescoes of hell you are ever likely to encounter. Look…

  • Bogdana Monastery


    Rădăuţi is home to Moldavia's oldest church, the mid-14th-century Bogdana Monastery, built by Prince Bogdan I. The church also functions as a mausoleum…

  • Village Museum


    Allow two to three hours to wander through the incredible constructions at the open-air Village Museum, about 2.5km southeast of Sighetu Marmaţiei's…

  • Neolog Synagogue


    Arad's Neolog (Conservative) synagogue, built between 1827 and 1834, lies southwest of Piaţa Avram Iancu. It was closed to visitors at the time of…

  • BârsanArt


    Not a gallery as such but a garden workshop, this place is operated by master artisan Ioan Bârsan, who whittles wood and produces everything from life…

  • Village Museum


    The Village Museum displays 15 traditional wooden houses (plus gates, barns and even a pigsty), for which the region is famed. The 16th-century Church of…

  • Remetea Chioarului Church


    This tiny church, dating from 1800, is the highlight of Ţara Chioarului. It contains some faint interior paintings of St Nicholas to the left of the…

  • Reformed Church


    The 1989 revolution began at the Reformed Church, where Father László Tőkés spoke out against Ceauşescu. You can sometimes peek in at the church, and it…

  • Arad Town Hall


    The U-shaped, neoclassical town hall is Arad’s most impressive building, with neoclassical and neo-Renaissance influences. The clock atop the 54m-high…

  • Călineşti Susani Church


    Built in 1683, this church is one of two in Călineşti and is more spectacular than the Josani one. It's on the right side of the road at the end of the…

  • Budeşti Josani Church


    Budeşti Josani church (1643) has four small turrets surrounding a bell tower. An 18th-century painting of the Last Judgment is among the church’s wooden…

  • Deseşti Church


    This Orthodox church, built in 1770, contains interior paintings (1780) by Radu Munteanu that feature a harrowing glimpse of Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • Surdeşti Church


    One of the most magnificent churches in the Maramureş region, with a 54m-high steeple and splendid wall and ceiling paintings.

  • Humor Monastery


    Founded by Chancellor Theodor Bubuiog under Moldavian Prince Petru Rareş, Humor Monastery, built in 1530, is surrounded by ramparts, with a three-level…

  • Histria Archaeological Complex & Museum

    The Danube Delta & Black Sea Coast

    About 65km north of Constanţa, Histria, or Istros, settled in 657 BC by Greek traders, is Romania’s oldest town. Its founding by Greek colonists, through…

  • The old peasant houses,Astra village museum,Sibiu,Transylvania,Romania,Europe; Shutterstock ID 224656321; Your name (First / Last): Josh Vogel; Project no. or GL code: 56530; Network activity no. or Cost Centre: Online-Design; Product or Project: 65050/7529/Josh Vogel/ Destination Galleries

    Ethnographic Museum


    This is a highly informative, well-organised exhibition of folk traditions in the Oltenia region surrounding Craiova. The exhibition begins downstairs…

  • Hollywood like Brasov sign on Tampa mountain, Brasov, Romania

    Mt Tâmpa


    Rising 940m high and visible around Braşov, Mt Tâmpa is adorned with its very own Hollywood-style sign. Hard as it is to imagine, it was the site of a…

  • Creţulescu Church


    The modest Creţulescu Church stands in repose near the far larger and more dramatic Royal Palace. Look for the original paintings near the door to the…

  • National Museum of Contemporary Art


    The Palace of Parliament houses a superb art gallery, which displays temporary, ever-changing exhibitions of eclectic installations and video art. Check…

  • Athénée Palace


    Just to the north of the National Art Museum is the Athénée Palace, so evocatively captured in its postrevolutionary, prostitute-teeming state by Robert…

  • Jewish History Museum


    The Jewish History Museum is housed in a colourful synagogue that dates from 1836 (rebuilt in 1910). Exhibits (in English and Romanian) outline Jewish…

  • Trumpeter's Tower in Piata Sfatului.

    Piaţa Sfatului


    This wide square, lined with cafes, was once the heart of medieval Braşov. In the centre stands the 1420 Council House (Casa Sfatului), topped by the…

  • Birthplace of Vlad tepes Dracula, Sighisoara, Transylvania, Mures County, Romania

    Casa Vlad Dracul


    Vlad Ţepeş (aka Dracula) was reputedly born in this house in 1431 and lived here until the age of four. It's now a decent restaurant, but for a small…

  • National History Museum


    Hardly a 'national' museum of history, given the rather small collection of maps, statues and jewels on display. The museum is strong, however, on the…

  • Choral Temple


    The Choral Temple, built in 1857, is the city's main working synagogue and is visually stunning inside. You'll need your passport to enter. A memorial to…

  • George Enescu Museum


    A few blocks south of Piaţa Victoriei is this museum dedicated to national composer George Enescu (1881–1955). The real lure is the chance to peek inside…

  • Theodor Pallady Museum


    The Theodor Pallady Museum is housed inside the exquisite early-18th-century Casa Melik, a former merchant's house. It contains the private art collection…

  • Schitul Dârvari


    This pretty monastery, surrounded by a lush walled garden, dates from the mid-19th century and was once the property of the private Dârvari family.

  • Antim Monastery


    This beautiful walled complex was built in 1715 by the metropolitan bishop Antim Ivireanu. Today it's hidden by communist-era housing blocks.

  • Salt Mine

    Székely Land

    Believe it or not, boarding a bus that trundles down into a salt mine isn’t the most surreal part of visiting Salina Praid. Once inside, you’ll see ping…

  • Bánffy Castle


    The manicured gardens and orchards of this 17th-century fortress once gave it the nickname ‘Transylvania’s Versailles’. The aristocratic Bánffy family…

  • Deva Citadel


    Deva's crumbling citadel looms from a rocky hilltop 300m above town. A steep climb leads up behind Parcul Cetăţii at the west end of B-dul 1 Decembrie…

  • Hărman Fortified Church


    From the outside, Hărman’s fortified church resembles a bright white layer cake. Enclosed by its mighty walls is a triple-naved basilica, the Church of St…

  • Putna Monastery


    Some 28km northwest of Rădăuţi, along a forested road dotted by traditional villages, Putna Monastery (1466–81) was built by Ştefan cel Mare, following…

  • Old Town Fortifications


    Old Braşov was once enclosed by mighty fortified walls, 12m high and more than 3km-long. Built in stages between 1400 and 1650, these walls and defence…

  • City Walls


    Thirty-nine towers, each protected by different guilds, watched over medieval Sibiu. See the remaining handful by walking north up Str Cetăţii past the…

  • Turda Gorge


    Precipitous Turda Gorge (Cheile Turzii) lies 8km west of town (as the crow flies), and it makes a stunning, if leg-stiffening, half-day hike. The canyon…

  • Curtea de Argeş Cathedral & Monastery


    This cathedral and monastery complex is considered one of the country's most important ecclesiastical sights. The church was originally built by…

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