Old Town Fortifications


Old Braşov was once enclosed by mighty fortified walls, 12m high and more than 3km-long. Built in stages between 1400 and 1650, these walls and defence towers were built in anticipation of attacks by the Turks. The most popular viewing area is along the western section, which runs along a stream and pedestrianised Str După Ziduri, north towards B-dul Eroilor. A good access point is 200m south of the Black Church.

Seven bastions were raised around the city at the most exposed points, each one defended by a guild whose members, pending danger, tolled their bastion bell. Above on the hillside are two towers – the Black Tower and White Tower – offering nice views, particularly when the setting sun casts a golden hue on Braşov.

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Nearby Braşov attractions

1. Black Tower

0.07 MILES

This 11m tower, actually the same beige colour as Braşov's White Tower, is part of the town's old medieval fortifications. It last served as a watchtower…

2. Black Church

0.09 MILES

Romania’s largest Gothic church rises triumphantly over Braşov’s old town. Built between 1385 and 1477, this German Lutheran church was named for its…

3. Johannes Honterus Statue


Standing outside the Black Church is a grave statue of Johannes Honterus, a Renaissance man who set up a printing press and established a major library in…

4. White Tower

0.12 MILES

Climb the stairs of the semicircular White Tower, which dates to 1494, for great views over Braşov. It's a 250m walk, alongside medieval walls, to reach…

5. Schei Gate

0.13 MILES

In Saxon Braşov, Romanians were banished to the Schei quarter in the southwest; entry to this quarter from the walled city was marked by the Schei Gate…

6. Mureşenilor House Memorial Museum

0.15 MILES

On Piaţa Sfatului's western side stands the intimate Mureşenilor House Memorial Museum, which honours the family of Jacob Mureşan, the first editor of the…

7. Piaţa Sfatului

0.16 MILES

This wide square, lined with cafes, was once the heart of medieval Braşov. In the centre stands the 1420 Council House (Casa Sfatului), topped by the…

8. Strada Sforii

0.17 MILES

Formerly an access route for firefighters, Strada Sforii is one of the narrowest streets in Europe at 1.2m wide. Lurid tales have sprung up about Vlad…