Râşnov Fortress


Commonly paired with Bran Castle on day trips from Braşov, Râşnov Fortress might just be the more enchanting of the two. The medieval citadel, built by Teutonic knights to guard against Tatar and Turkish invasion, roosts on a hilltop 19km southwest of Braşov by road. Visitors are free to stroll between sturdy watchtowers, browse medieval-themed souvenir and craft stalls, and admire views of rolling hills from the fortress’ highest point. Walk from the village or take the lift.

A Dacian settlement perched on this hilltop around the 1st century BC, but was abandoned after Roman conquest. The stocky-walled fortification today was built and rebuilt between the 14th and 17th centuries, passing between Hungarian and Saxon ownership, eventually losing its military significance in the 18th century. Today it’s emblazoned with a Hollywood-style ‘Râşnov’ sign.

Audio guides are available (10 lei) for a more detailed romp through Râşnov’s history. Tourist information booths operate just outside the citadel, following its opening hours.

From Braşov, frequent Bran-bound buses stop in Râşnov (4 lei, 25 minutes).

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