Hărman Fortified Church


From the outside, Hărman’s fortified church resembles a bright white layer cake. Enclosed by its mighty walls is a triple-naved basilica, the Church of St Nikolaus, which has retained its Romanesque style (dating to 1240) despite reconstruction. The centrepiece is a circa-1300 bell tower, rising 56m above the complex. Watch your step as you climb the narrow spiral staircase up the tower (and guard your eardrums if you reach the top when the hourly chimes ring out).

The main church harbours a fine baroque altar and women’s benches that date to 1753; the lack of backrests is a deliberate design feature, as ladies’ stiff attire didn’t allow them to lean back (or nod off).

A small museum in the outbuildings displays traditional furniture and embroidery. Don’t miss climbing the stairs to the smaller chapel building, which has magnificent 15th-century murals of Heaven and Hell.

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