Hollywood like Brasov sign on Tampa mountain, Brasov, Romania

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Mt Tâmpa


Rising 940m high and visible around Braşov, Mt Tâmpa is adorned with its very own Hollywood-style sign. Hard as it is to imagine, it was the site of a mass-impaling of 40 noblemen by Vlad Țepeș. Banish such ghoulish images from your head as you take the cable car, or hike (about an hour), to reach a small viewing platform offering stunning views over the city. There's a cafe at the top.

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Nearby Braşov attractions

1. Weavers’ Bastion Museum

0.39 MILES

On the city wall's southeast corner is the 16th-century Weavers' Bastion Museum, housed in Braşov's only 15th-century building. The simple exhibits…

2. Strada Sforii

0.48 MILES

Formerly an access route for firefighters, Strada Sforii is one of the narrowest streets in Europe at 1.2m wide. Lurid tales have sprung up about Vlad…

3. Hirscher House

0.53 MILES

The Renaissance Hirscher House, completed in 1545, was once the largest building in Braşov. It was commissioned by Apollonia Hirscher, the widow of Braşov…

4. Johannes Honterus Statue

0.55 MILES

Standing outside the Black Church is a grave statue of Johannes Honterus, a Renaissance man who set up a printing press and established a major library in…

5. Black Church

0.56 MILES

Romania’s largest Gothic church rises triumphantly over Braşov’s old town. Built between 1385 and 1477, this German Lutheran church was named for its…

6. Schei Gate

0.57 MILES

In Saxon Braşov, Romanians were banished to the Schei quarter in the southwest; entry to this quarter from the walled city was marked by the Schei Gate…

7. Piaţa Sfatului

0.58 MILES

This wide square, lined with cafes, was once the heart of medieval Braşov. In the centre stands the 1420 Council House (Casa Sfatului), topped by the…

8. Braşov Historical Museum

0.59 MILES

The old City Hall houses the two-floor, by-the-numbers Braşov Historical Museum, in which the region's history from Roman times via medieval military…