Natural Sciences Museum Complex


The museum complex is more of a zoo than traditional museum, with exhibits on flora and fauna, including live birds and other animals, common to the Black Sea region. The complex features a dolphinarium, with daily performances of trained dolphins. Bear in mind that sea-animal encounters and similar shows have received criticism from animal-welfare groups who claim the captivity of marine life is debilitating and stressful for the animals, and that this is exacerbated by human interaction.

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Nearby Constanţa attractions

1. Planetarium


Constanţa's planetarium, located just next to the Natural Sciences Museum Complex, is a fun rainy-day treat for kids. The 3D projection shows throughout…

2. Art Museum

1.91 MILES

This airy museum in an atrium is heavy on 19th-century realism and landscapes, including those by Nicolae Grigorescu, whose pointillist and Impressionist…

3. Archaeological Park

2.02 MILES

Near the city’s main intersection, B-dul Ferdinand and B-dul Tomis, is the Archaeological Park, which has remains of the 3rd-century Roman city wall and…

4. Folk Art Museum

2.13 MILES

This large and impressive collection features folk costumes, implements, household items and interiors of traditional homes from around Romania.

5. Naval History Museum

2.16 MILES

This museum offers a fascinating if slightly confusing stroll through 2000 years of maritime history on the Black Sea. The exhibit begins in the Greco…

6. Geamia Hunchiar Mosque

2.16 MILES

The city's second most important mosque was built in 1868 in Moorish style. Though it's not often open, if you get a chance, look inside to see an…

7. Great Synagogue

2.28 MILES

Constanţa's once glorious 19th-century synagogue is little more than a ruin these days, guarded by some mean dogs. Still, you can walk past the front to…

8. Statue of Ovid

2.33 MILES

This striking statue at the centre of Piața Ovidiu is dedicated to the Roman poet Publius Ovidius Naso (43 BC–17 AD), aka Ovid, who was banished to…