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You want to climb Europe's highest peak? Here's how to summit Mount Elbrus

5 min readPublished Nov 2, 2021

Mount Elbrus is Europe's highest mountain. Don't start your climb until you've read this guide to ascending safely.

The view across the Baksan Valley from an acclimatisation trek on Cheget Peak © Peter Watson / Lonely Planet
Art and culture

The dos and don'ts of visiting Russia for the first time

6 min readPublished Sep 24, 2021

Here's what every first-time visitor to Russia needs to know before their trip.

Saint Basil's Cathedral in Red Square in winter at sunset, Moscow, Russia.
Art and culture

How to spend a perfect weekend in Moscow

5 min readPublished Feb 11, 2020

It takes weeks to see all the sights in Russia's capital, but if you only have two days, here are the best bits of Moscow.

How to spend a perfect weekend in Moscow
Travel gear and tech

How to plan and pack for the Trans-Siberian Railway

7 min readPublished Dec 15, 2019

A trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway takes a lot of planning. Here's our guide on what's needed before you go, and what to pack for the journey.

The Trans-Siberian train near Lake Baikal © Serjio74 / Shutterstock
Art and culture

Beyond the Trans-Siberian: travelling Russia's unexplored northwest by train

4 min readPublished Nov 28, 2019

Russia’s new day trains follow a triangular route connecting Petrozavodsk, Novgorod and Pskov. Here's our guide to visiting Russia's northwest by train.

The kremlin in Pskov, with the golden dome of Trinity Church © Tanya Sid / Shutterstock