Curtea de Argeş Cathedral & Monastery


This cathedral and monastery complex is considered one of the country's most important ecclesiastical sights. The church was originally built by Wallachian ruler Neagoe Basarab (r 1512–21), with marble and tiles brought in from Constantinople. The current edifice dates from 1875, when French architect André Lecomte du Nouy was retained to save the complex, which was in near ruins.

The monastery is an important royal mausoleum. The white marble tombstones of King Carol I (1839–1914) and his wife Elizabeth (1853–1916) lie on the right in the church's entrance hall. On the left of the entrance are the tombstones of King Ferdinand I (1865–1927) and British-born Queen Marie (1875–1938). Neagoe Basarab and his wife are also buried here.