Top Choice Church in Poznań

Poznań Cathedral

Ostrów Tumski is dominated by this monumental double-towered cathedral. Basically Gothic with additions from later periods, most notably the baroque tops of the towers, the cathedral was damaged in 1945 and took 11 …
Top Choice Museum in Poznań

Historical Museum of Poznań

Inside the town hall, this museum displays an interesting and well-presented exhibition on the town's history, and the building's original interiors are worth the entry price on their own. The Gothic vaulted cellars…
Top Choice Monument in Poznań

Monument to the Victims of June 1956

On Plac Mickiewicza you’ll find one of Poznań's most significant memorials, which commemorates the ill-fated workers' protest of 1956. The monument, consisting of two 20m-tall crosses bound together, was unveiled on…
Top Choice Greenhouse in Poznań

Palm House

A short walk from the main train station along ul Głogowska, Park Wilsona contains one of the biggest greenhouses in Europe. Constructed in 1910, it houses thousands of species of tropical and subtropical plants, in…
Top Choice Church in Poznań

Parish Church

Two blocks south of the Rynek, this church was originally built for the Jesuits by architects from Italy, and completed only after more than 80 years of work (1651–1732). The impressive baroque structure has an orna…
Top Choice Church in Gniezno


Gniezno’s history and character are inextricably intertwined with its cathedral, an imposing, double-towered brick Gothic structure. The present church was constructed after the Teutonic Knights destroyed the previo…
Top Choice Museum in Gniezno

Museum of the Origins of the Polish State

On the far side of Lake Jelonek, this museum illustrates Gniezno's pivotal role in Polish history. The permanent collection contains archaeological finds and works of art related to the development of the Polish nat…
Top Choice Museum in Poznań

Porta Posnania Interactive Heritage Centre

Cutting-edge multimedia museum that opened in 2014, telling the tale of the island’s eventful history and the birth of the Polish nation via interactive displays and other technological gadgetry. It’s located opposi…
Museum in Poznań

Archaeological Museum

Located off the southeastern corner of the Rynek, inside the 16th-century Górka Palace. Before going in, stop and have a look at the fine Renaissance doorway on the building’s eastern facade. The museum presents the…
Museum in Poznań

Archdiocesan Museum

North of the cathedral, this museum is located within the former Lubrański Academy, the first high school in Poznań (1518). Within its walls you’ll find a collection of sacred art from the 12th century onwards.