Top Choice Museum in Warsaw

Chopin Museum

High-tech, multimedia museum within the Baroque Ostrogski Palace, showcasing the work of the country’s most famous composer. You’re encouraged to take your time through four floors of displays, including stopping by…
Top Choice Gardens in Warsaw

Łazienki Park

Pronounced wah-zhen-kee, this park is a beautiful place of manicured greens and wild patches. Its popularity extends to families, peacocks and fans of classical music, who come for the al fresco Chopin concerts on S…
Top Choice Museum in Warsaw

Museum of the History of Polish Jews

This exceptional museum's permanent exhibition opened in late 2014. Impressive multimedia exhibits document 1000 years of Jewish history in Poland, from accounts of the earliest Jewish traders in the region through …
Top Choice Historic Building in Warsaw

Palace of Culture & Science

Love it or hate it, every visitor to Warsaw should visit the iconic, socialist realist PKiN (as its full Polish name is abbreviated). This ‘gift of friendship’ from the Soviet Union was built in the early 1950s, and…
Top Choice Castle in Warsaw

Royal Castle

This massive brick edifice, a copy of the original blown up by the Germans in WWII, began life as a wooden stronghold of the dukes of Mazovia in the 14th century. Its heyday came in the mid-17th century, when it bec…
Top Choice Palace in Warsaw

Wilanów Palace

Warsaw’s top palace is Wilanów (vee-lah-noof), 6km south of Łazienki. It dates to 1677, when King Jan III Sobieski bought the land and turned an existing manor house into an Italian Baroque villa fit for a royal sum…
Top Choice Museum in Warsaw

Warsaw Rising Museum

One of Warsaw's best, this museum traces the history of the city's heroic but doomed uprising against the German occupation in 1944 via three levels of interactive displays, photographs, film archives and personal a…
Top Choice Square in Warsaw

Old Town Square

At the centre of the partially walled Old Town (Stare Miasto), the Old Town Square is, for those with an eye for historic buildings, the loveliest square in Warsaw. It’s lined with tall houses exhibiting a fine blen…
Top Choice Museum in Warsaw

Neon Museum

Situated within the cool Soho Factory complex of old industrial buildings housing designers and artists, this museum is devoted to the preservation of the iconic neon signs of the communist era. The collection is ar…
Gardens in Warsaw

Botanical Gardens

Warsaw's Botanical Gardens was established in 1818. Its diverse collection of species ranges from European trees such as the beech, to exotic specimens such as the gingko biloba tree from China.