Top Choice Church in Lima

Iglesia de Santo Domingo

One of Lima’s most storied religious sites, the Iglesia de Santo Domingo and its expansive convent are built on land granted to the Dominican Friar Vicente de Valverde, who accompanied Pizarro throughout the conques…
Top Choice Museum in Lima

Museo de Arte de Lima

Known locally as MALI, Lima’s principal fine-art museum is housed in a striking beaux-arts building that was recently renovated. Subjects span from pre-Columbian to contemporary art, and there’s also guided visits t…
Top Choice Museum in Lima

Museo Larco

In an 18th-century viceroy’s mansion, this museum offers one of the largest, best-presented displays of ceramics in Lima. Founded by pre-Columbian collector Rafael Larco Hoyle in 1926, the collection includes over 5…
Top Choice Fountain in Lima

El Circuito Mágico del Agua

This indulgent series of illuminated fountains is so over the top it can’t help but induce stupefaction among even the most hardened traveling cynic. A dozen different fountains – all splendiferously illuminated – a…
Museum in Lima

Asociación Museo del Automóvil

The Asociación Museo del Automóvil has an impressive array of classic cars dating back to 1901, from a Ford Model T to a Cadillac Fleetwood used by four Peruvian presidents.
Museum in Lima

Museo Taurino

Plaza de Acho, Lima’s bullring, was built on this site north of the Río Rímac in 1766. Some of the world’s most famous toreadors passed through here, among them the renowned Manolete from Spain. A visit includes a f…
Historic Building in Lima

Casa Aliaga

Innocuously tucked on a side street by the post office is Casa Aliaga, which stands on land given in 1535 to Jerónimo de Aliaga, one of Pizarro’s followers, and which has been occupied by 16 generations of his desce…
Historic Building in Lima

Casa de la Riva

This handsome, 18th-century mansion features beautiful wooden balconies, an elegant patio and period furnishings.
Historic Building in Lima

Casa de Oquendo

Two blocks to the north of the Casa de la Riva, the cornflower-blue Casa de Oquendo is a ramshackle turn-of-the-19th-century house (in its time, the tallest in Lima) with a creaky lookout tower that, on a clear day,…
Historic Building in Lima

Casa de Ricardo Palma

This house was the home of the Peruvian author Ricardo Palma from 1913 until his death in 1919. A listless tour is included in the price.