Historic Building in Arequipa

Casa de Moral

Built in 1730, this stylized baroque house is named after the 200-year-old mulberry tree in its central courtyard. Owned by BCP (a bank) since 2003 it is now a museum notable for its antique maps, heavy furniture, r…
Historic Building in Arequipa

Casa Ricketts

Built in 1738, the ornate Casa Ricketts has served as a seminary, archbishop’s palace, school and home to well-to-do families. Today it is the most splendiferous working bank in the city – possibly even Peru. Even i…
Architectural in Arequipa

Casona Iriberry

Worth a peek and housing the Universidad Nacional de San Agustín (UNSA) within its 18th-century colonial halls and patios.
Production in Arequipa

El Molino de Sabandía

A 3km walk from the plaza brings you to El Molino de Sabandía. This mill was built in 1785, fell into disrepair and was restored two centuries later; it now grinds once more for visitors. The neat grounds, shaded wi…
Church in Arequipa

Iglesia de La Compañía

If Arequipa’s cathedral seems too big, an interesting antidote (proving that small can be beautiful) is this diminutive Jesuit church on the southeast corner of the Plaza de Armas. The facade is an intricately carve…
Church in Arequipa

Iglesia de San Francisco

Originally built in the 16th century, this church has been badly damaged by several earthquakes. It still stands, however, and visitors can see a large crack in the cupola – testimony to the power of quakes. Other c…
Cathedral in Arequipa

La Catedral

On the Plaza de Armas, this building stands out for its stark white sillar and massive size – it is the only cathedral in Peru that stretches the length of a plaza. It also has a history of stretching up from the as…
Historic Building in Arequipa

La Mansión del Fundador

This 17th-century mansion was once owned by Arequipa’s founder Garcí Manuel de Carbajal, has been restored with original furnishings and paintings, and even has its own chapel. The mansion is in the village of Huasa…
Monastery in Arequipa

Monasterio de la Recoleta

Bibliophiles will delight in this musty monastery's huge library, which contains more than 20,000 dusty books and maps; the oldest volume dates to 1494. Scholarship was an integral part of the Franciscans’ order; th…
Monastery in Arequipa

Monasterio de Santa Catalina

Even if you’re overdosed on colonial edifices, this convent shouldn’t be missed. Occupying a whole block and guarded by imposing high walls, it is one of the most fascinating religious buildings in Peru. Nor is it j…