One strictly for DIY surf-safari adventurers, this inland wave is the most unique surf destination in all of Indonesia. Bono is a tidal-bore wave that breaks halfway up the mud-brown, croc-infested Sungai Kampar, in the jungles of the remotest reaches of Riau state. To get here take a bus from Pekanbaru to Pangkalan Kerinci, from where you'll need another bus to Teluk Meranti.

Teluk Meranti is the nearest village to the wave; it's about 200km east of Pekanbaru and has basic losmen.

The phenomenal tidal-bore waves, which put many ocean-borne waves to shame, can be ridden by determined surfers prepared to venture to the jungle. Pioneered by surfer Antony Colas in 2010, Bono’s barrels were surfed by pros Tom Curren, Dean Brady, Bruno Santos, Tyler Larronde and Oney Anwar in 2011 and captured on film. Though tidal-bore surfing is nothing new, and Bono is no bigger than some of the world-famous bores, the river’s unique conditions conspire to produce the longest and the most consistent bore ride. Longboarder Bagé currently holds the longest continuous ride record on the Bono (one hour and two minutes).