Top Choice Museum in Merdeka Square & Central Jakarta

Museum Nasional

The National Museum is the best of its kind in Indonesia and an essential visit. The enormous collection begins around an open courtyard of the 1862 building which is stacked with magnificent millennia-old statuary …
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Kota & Glodok

Jin De Yuan

This large Chinese Buddhist temple compound dates from 1755 and is one of the most important in the city. The main structure has an unusual roof crowned by two dragons eating pearls, while the interior is richly atm…
Top Choice Museum in Kota & Glodok

Museum Bank Indonesia

This museum presents an engaging and easily consumed history of Indonesia from a loosely financial perspective, in a grand, expertly restored, neoclassical former bank headquarters that dates from the early 20th cen…
Top Choice Gallery in Merdeka Square & Central Jakarta

Galeri Nasional

Over 1700 works of art by foreign and Indonesian artists are part of the National Gallery collection, which opened in 1999. Only a few works are on display at any time but there are large spaces for regular – and we…
Top Choice Square in Kota & Glodok

Taman Fatahillah

Kota’s central cobblestone square, surrounded by imposing colonial buildings including the former town hall, is where you can get your bearings. You can rent a bike, join a tour, have a good meal or just wander abou…
Top Choice Square in Merdeka Square & Central Jakarta

Merdeka Square

The figurative if not the literal centre of Jakarta, Merdeka Square (merdeka means independence) is actually a trapezoid measuring almost 1 sq km. In the 19th century, the Dutch called it Koningsplein (Kings Square)…
Top Choice Amusement Park in Jakarta

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

This 100-hectare park has full-scale traditional houses for each of Indonesia's provinces, with displays of regional handicrafts and clothing, and even a mini-scale Borobudur. Museums, theatres and an IMAX cinema ar…
Church in Merdeka Square & Central Jakarta

Gereja Katerdral Jakarta

The Catholic Cathedral has lacy twin spires made from wrought iron, each 60m tall. It was built in 1901 to replace an earlier church. Upstairs there is a small museum.
Bridge in Kota & Glodok

Jembatan Kota Intan

At the northern end of Kali Besar is the last remaining Dutch drawbridge, originally called Hoenderpasarbrug (Chicken Market Bridge). Now restored, it dates from the 17th century and is an ideal photo stop.
Amusement Park in Jakarta

Dunia Fantasi

This fun park must have raised eyebrows at the Disney legal department. Spectacular rides here include the Halilintar twisted roller-coaster, the Niagra flume and a Ferris wheel. The park gets very crowded on weeken…