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Money and costs

Daily Costs
Budget (up to)
  • Room at guesthouse or homestay: less than US$50
  • Cheap food and drink, meals: under US$5
  • Beaches: free
  • Room at midrange hotel: US$50–150
  • Great night out eating and drinking: from US$20
  • Spa treatment: US$10–40
Top end (more than)
  • Room at top-end hotel or resort: over US$150
  • Lavish evening out: over US$40
  • Car and driver per day: US$60

ATMs are common and it's easy to exchange money. Credit cards are accepted at more expensive establishments.


  • Tipping a set percentage is not expected in Bali, but if the service is good, it’s appropriate to leave at least 5000Rp or 10% or more.
  • Hand cash directly to individuals (taxi drivers, porters, people giving you a massage, bringing you a beer at the beach etc) to recognise their service; 5000Rp to 10,000Rp or 10% to 20% of the total fee is generous.
  • Most midrange and all top-end hotels and restaurants add 21% to the bill for tax and service (called ‘plus plus’).