Frying Pan Adventures

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in Bur Dubai
Glen Pearson / Lonely Planet

The narrow lanes of Bur Dubai and Deira are a feast for foodies: a beehive of shoebox-size restaurants where global expats cook up comfort food from home. Sisters Arva and Farida Ahmed open the doors to the most exciting eateries to introduce you to delicious fare, from Moroccan to Nepalese to Indian, on their small-group walking tours.

Arva had already made a name for herself as a well-respected food blogger when she came up with the concept of Frying Pan Adventures, the first food tour in Dubai. Pick your favourite from her expanding roster, which includes the 'Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage' and 'Little India on a Plate'. On each tour, you'll enjoy nibbles at five or six hidden gems while Arva or Farida shower you with often amusing musings about the food, the restaurant and local life.

Tours run for three to five hours and involve walking distances from 1.5km to 3km. Check the website for the schedule and to book a tour.