Top Choice Mosque in Trabzon

Aya Sofya Mosque & Museum

Originally called Hagia Sophia (Church of Divine Wisdom), Aya Sofya sits 4km west of Trabzon's centre on a terrace close to the sea. Built between 1238 and 1263, it was influenced by Georgian and Seljuk design, alth…
Museum in Trabzon

Trabzon Museum

The Kostaki Mansion (1917), built for a Greek banker in the Ottoman Black Sea style, briefly hosted Atatürk in 1924. One of provincial Turkey's most comely museums – with ornate rooms, painted ceilings, carved woode…
Historic Building in Trabzon

Atatürk Mansion

Nestled in leafy Soǧuksu, 5km southwest of Atatürk Alanı, this three-storey, blindingly white late-19th-century mansion has fine views and lovely formal gardens. Built for a wealthy Greek banking family in the Black…
Mosque in Trabzon

Gülbahar Hatun Camii

Sultan Selim I the Grim, the Ottoman conqueror of Syria and Egypt (and known as Yavuz, or 'The Great' to the Turkish), built this mosque southwest of the bazaar in 1514 in honour of his mother, Gülbahar Hatun, who g…
Mosque in Trabzon

Ortahisar Fatih Büyük Camii

Originally known by the rather breathless name of the 'Church of the Golden-Headed Virgin Mary', this mosque started out as a church, possibly built by the nephew of Emperor Constantine I. It was claimed for Islam b…
Market in Trabzon


On the site of a marketplace built by the Genoese, Trabzon's current covered bazaar was put up by the Ottomans, perhaps in the 16th century. With a single dome (unusual among Turkish bazaars) and a pleasing internal…
Architecture in Trabzon

Alaca Han

Close to the recently restored Çarşı Camii (Market Mosque), you'll see the Alaca Han, a single-domed han (caravanserai) with an adjoining bathhouse, both thought to have been constructed in the 18th century. Subject…
Bridge in Trabzon

Zaǧnos Bridge

With its earliest traces dating to Roman or Byzantine times, this bridge above the parklands of the 'Zaǧnos Valley' bears the name of the Pasha (governor) who funded one of its many rounds of repairs, in the 15th ce…
Historic Building in Trabzon

Taş Han

With two storeys built around an open courtyard, Taş Han is typical of the Ottoman caravanserais of its time (1533). Unfortunately, the original tiled roof was replaced with a concrete mosaic in 1980.
Mosque in Trabzon

Çarşı Camii

The recently restored Çarşı Camii is in the lively bazaar district, to the west of Atatürk Alanı. Its impressive stonework was erected in 1839, and it's the largest mosque in central Trabzon.