Harran attractions

Historic Site in Harran

Beehive Houses

Harran is famous for its beehive houses, a design dating back to the 3rd century BC, although the present examples were mostly constructed within the last 200 years. The design evolved partly in response to a lack o…
Fortress in Harran


On the far (east) side of the hill, the crumbling kale stands right by some beehive houses. A castle probably already existed here during Hittite times, but the current construction dates mainly from after 1059, whe…
Mosque in Harran

Ulu Camii

Of the ruins inside the village, other than the kale, the Ulu Cami, built in the 8th century by Marwan II, last of the Umayyad caliphs, is most prominent. You'll recognise it by its tall, square and very un-Turkish …
Ruins in Harran

City Walls

The crumbling stone city walls were once 4km long and studded with 187 towers and four gates. Of these, only the overly restored Aleppo Gate, near the new part of town, remains.