Top ChoiceMuseum in Antakya

Hatay Archaeology Museum

This incomparable museum contains one of the world's finest collections of Roman and Byzantine mosaics, covering a period from the 1st century AD to the 5th century. Many were recovered almost intact from Tarsus...

Top ChoiceTunnel in Antakya

Titus & Vespasian Tunnel

Amid the scant ruins of Seleuceia in Pieria at Çevlik, 5km northwest of Samandağ, is this this astonishing feat of Roman engineering. From the ticket kiosk, follow the trail along an irrigation canal and past...

Top ChoiceLebanese in Antakya

Leban Teras

The `Lebanese Terrace' offers a respite from Turkish and Syrian-inspire cuisines, though all three are very close cousins. Seating is in the main dining room or on the breezy terrace, with half the tables laid...

Top ChoiceTurkish in Antakya

Avlu Restaurant

Popular with Antakya's glitterati and the expense-account brigade, the 'Courtyard' is more about being seen and seeing than about food, though the meze (₺12 to ₺20) and grills are more than acceptable. Try to get...

Church in Antakya

Memorial Church of St Peter

This early Christian church cut into the slopes of Mt Haç (or Staurin, the 'Mountain of the Cross') is thought to be the earliest place where the newly converted followers of Jesus Christ met and prayed secretly....

Historic Site in Antakya

Old Town

The squiggle of lanes between Kurtuluş Caddesi and Hürriyet Caddesi is an atmospheric huddle of Antakya's remaining old houses, with carved lintels, wooden overhangs and hidden courtyards within the compounds....

Bar in Antakya


This local student hang-out with brick walls and shuttered windows is an atmospheric spot for a tea, coffee or something stronger. There's occasional live music, cheap snacks aplenty, and tucked around the back...

Mosque in Antakya

Habib-i Neccar Camii

The oldest mosque in Anatolia, Habib-i Neccar Camii dates in part to the mid-7th century AD, when it was built as an early Christian church. Habib Al-Najjar was an early Christian convert martyred by pagans, and...

Ruins in Antakya

Monastery of St Simeon

The remains of the 6th-century Monastery of St Simeon sit atop a 480m-high mountain 20km southwest of Antakya on the road to Samandağ. The cross-shaped monastery contains the ruins of three churches. Fragments of...

Turkish in Antakya

Anadolu Restaurant

Popular with families, Antakya's culinary anchor serves a long list of fine mezes on gold-coloured tablecloths in a covered garden where the trees push through the roof. Meat dishes include Anadolu kebap (small...

Church in Antakya

St Peter Orthodox Church

Most of the city's 1200-strong Christian population worships at this fine Orthodox church dating to 1860. Rebuilt with Russian assistance after a devastating earthquake in 1900, the church is fronted by a lovely...

Coffee in Antakya

Affan Kahvesi

This authentic coffeehouse, in a building dating back to 1911, has old-world ambience in spades. Pull up a wooden chair inside (don't forget to marvel at the gorgeous tiled floor), or head out back to the shady...

Spices in Antakya

Kurșunlu Han Baharatçısı

Smack dab in the middle of the sprawling bazaar, visit this aromatic shop for all manner of jarred (including sürk cheese) and bottled (eg pomegranate essence) goodies as well as local teas, coffees and every...

Anatolian in Antakya

Hatay Sultan Sofrası

Antakya's premier spot for affordable tasty meals, this bustling place is just the ticket to dive into Hatay's fusion of Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine. The articulate manager loves to guide diners through...

Juice Bar in Antakya

Antakya Vitamin Bar

Need a vitamin injection after some hard travelling? This friendly place, lined with photos of famous clientele, is the spot for freshly squeezed juices or an 'atom shake' (₺11), a regional speciality of banana,...

Sweets in Antakya

Kral Künefe

In the shadow of Ulu Cami's minaret, the 'King Künefe' is the friendliest place in town to try Antakya's favourite dessert, the eponymous künefe (layers of kadayıf cemented together with sweet cheese, doused in...

Bar in Antakya

Barudi Bar

The Barudi Bar is one of Antakya's best-kept secrets, with its hideaway inner courtyard, decent range of imported beers and impressive list of cocktails. It also does simple dishes like salads (₺17 to ₺22) and...

Desserts in Antakya

Hatay Künefe

This eponymous restaurant is a great place to try the local dessert künefe (layers of kadayıf cemented together with sweet cheese, doused in syrup and served hot with a sprinkling of pistachio).

Mosque in Antakya

Ulu Cami

This mosque, in the heart of the Old Town, was built by the Mamluks of Egypt in 1268 and is one of the city's oldest places of worship. It has a peaceful garden with citrus trees and a pretty little fountain.

Church in Antakya

St Luke Catholic Church

The Italian-ministered Roman Catholic church was built in 1846 and occupies two houses in the city's old quarter, with the chapel in the former living room of one house dating only from the 1970s.