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Top Choice Fortress in Alanya

Alanya Castle

Surmounting Alanya's rocky peninsula is its awesome Seljuk-era castle, wrapped in 6.5km of walls and tentatively awaiting Unesco World Heritage listing. Climb to it through the steep streets of the Tophane district …
Top Choice Turkish in Alanya

İskele Sofrası

Three generations of the friendly Öz family run this restaurant, uphill from the harbour. There are never less than 10 mezes on at once – perhaps girit ezmesi, an unforgettable mash of feta, walnuts and olive oil. A…
Cave in Alanya

Dripstone Cave

Close to Cleopatra's Beach, this stalactite-studded cave has humidity levels of 95% and is said to produce a certain kind of air that, if inhaled and exhaled long enough, has the ability to relieve asthma sufferers.
Ruins in Alanya

İç Kale

Right at the top of what is essentially an entire fortified hill is the İç Kale, or inner fortress. Within are plentiful (though poorly preserved) ruins, including a half-dozen cisterns and the shell of an 11th-cent…
Historic Building in Alanya


A wooden walkway runs south along the old harbour walls from the Red Tower to the Tersane, the only Seljuk-built shipyard remaining in Turkey. Antique ceramic shards litter the stones, indicating the succession of c…
Historic Building in Alanya

Red Tower

This five-storey octagonal defence tower, measuring nearly 30m in diameter, more than 30m in height and with a central cistern within for water storage, looms over the harbour at the lower end of İskele Caddesi. Con…
International in Alanya

Mahperi Restaurant

This classy waterfront fish and steak restaurant has been in operation since 1947 – quite a feat in fly-by-night Alanya – and offers a good selection of homestyle Turkish dishes, too. In this part of town, it stands…
Bar in Alanya

Tudors Pub

Live music and decent beer are the draws at this slick, multistorey venue by the harbour. There's not too much about it that's reminiscent of a certain 16th-century royal house from Wales, but it can provide a regal…
Museum in Alanya

Alanya Museum

Refurbished in 2012, Alanya's small museum is worth a visit to see artefacts, including tools, jugs, jewellery, letters and coins, from the succession of cultures that has called the surrounding area home. Its prize…
Amusement Park in Alanya

Alanya Aqua Park

Kids had enough of castles and ruins? This large water park, near Alanya's centre, has plenty of wet and wild fun with pools and 15 slides appropriate for both little ones and their minders. There's a nice area with…