Top things to do

Cultural Centre in Suwon

Korean Folk Village

Showcasing traditional Korean culture, this 245-acre folk village comprises thatched and tiled traditional houses and buildings from around Korea. It takes at least half a day to wander the picturesque grounds where…
Korean in Suwon


A popular lunch is galbitang – meaty bones in a meaty broth served with rice and side dishes (it’s the best in the world). For a drink try the refreshing cheongha – Japanese sake -style rice wine. Free self-serve co…
Korean in Suwon

Yeonpo Galbi

Down the steps from Hwahongmun, this famous restaurant serves up its special Suwon version of galbitang (₩10,000) – big ribs in a seasoned broth with noodles and leeks – only served at lunch.
Tea in Suwon


Rest your feet and sip local teas in this antique-style teashop above the archery centre.
Fashion & Accessories in Suwon

Ttaeng Mart

A bargain-hunter’s dream shop with prices you won’t believe.
Tomb in Donggureung


The largest and most attractive of the World Heritage–listed royal tombs scattered around Seoul and Gyeonggi-do, Donggureung is the burial place of seven kings and 10 queens from the Joseon dynasty. Located 20km nor…
Gallery in Everland Resort

Hoam Art Museum

A free shuttle bus runs from Everland Resort’s main entrance to the Hoam Art Museum and you are well advised to take it. The serenely beautiful Hee Won traditional Korean gardens induce a calm frame of mind so that …
Fortress in Suwon


The World Heritage–listed fortress wall that encloses the original town of Suwon is what brings most travellers to the city. Snaking up and down Paldal-san (143m), the fortification wall stretches a scenic 5.7km pas…
Bar in Suwon

Bulgeun Sutalk

Look for the iron rooster marking the entrance to this dimly lit bohemian bar with plenty of scatter cushions, where you can enjoy a chilled evening drinking cheap draft beer. It’s five minutes’ walk northeast of Su…
Tourist Information in Suwon

Suwon Cultural Foundation

Head to the Suwon Cultural Foundation to find out how detailed court records aided the reconstruction process of Hwaseong-Haenggung palace. See how the area used to look at the south side of the plaza in front of th…