Top Choice Museum in Manila

Casa Manila

This beautiful reproduction of a Spanish colonial house offers a window into the opulent lifestyle of the gentry in the 19th century. Imelda Marcos had it built to showcase the architecture and interior design of th…
Top Choice Cemetery in Manila

Chinese Cemetery

As in life, so it is in death for Manila’s wealthy Chinese citizens, who are buried with every modern convenience in the huge Chinese Cemetery. It's far from your ordinary cemetery and instead feels like a residenti…
Top Choice Museum in Manila

Ayala Museum

This gleaming museum features four floors of superbly curated exhibits on Filipino culture, art and history. At the heart of the collection is a brilliant exhibit consisting of 60 dioramas that succintly, yet effect…
Top Choice Fort in Manila

Fort Santiago

Guarding the entrance to the Pasig River you’ll find Intramuros' premier tourist attraction: Fort Santiago. Within the fort grounds are an oasis of lovely manicured gardens, plazas and fountains leading to its arche…
Top Choice Gallery in Manila

Metropolitan Museum of Manila

Manila’s premier modern art museum, the 'Met' is a world-class gallery showcasing Filipino contemporary and experimental art. The ground floor has rotating exhibitions, while its upper floors display a permanent col…
Top Choice Shrine in Manila

Rizal Shrine

Within the grounds of Fort Santiago, you'll find the Rizal Shrine in the building where Rizal was incarcerated. It contains various displays of Rizal memorabilia, including a reliquary containing one of his vertebra…
Top Choice Museum in Manila

National Museum of the Filipino People

Within a resplendent neoclassical building, this superb museum houses a vast and varied collection, including the skullcap of the Philippines’ earliest known inhabitant, Tabon Man (said by some to actually be a woma…
Top Choice Monument in Manila

Rizal Monument

Fronted by a 46m flagpole and guarded by sentries in full regalia, the Rizal Monument contains national hero José Rizal’s mortal remains and stands as a symbol of Filipino nationhood.
Historic Building in Manila

Bahay Nakpil-Bautista

Built in 1914, this beautiful ancestral home is the former residence of Perona Nakpil, the widow of Andrés Bonifacio – the father of the Philippine Revolution – where she lived after his death. As well as an insight…
Museum in Manila

Bahay Tsinoy

The vast Bahay Tsinoy museum showcases the important role played by the sangley, as the Spanish called the Chinese, in the growth of Manila (sangley means ‘itinerant merchant’ in the locally prevailing Hokkien diale…