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Dambana ng Kagitingan

Every 9 April, American and Japanese veterans gather at the Dambana ng Kagitingan on top of Mt Samat and pay tribute to the thousands of their comrades who fell in the surrounding jungles. The centrepiece of the shr…
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Philippine Institute of Volcanology & Seismology

If you want to find out about Taal Volcano, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology & Seismology, 3km west of the junction, houses the monitoring station, an interesting museum and seismographs of recent events.…
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Tarsier Research & Development Center

Just beyond the attractive jungle-fringed town of Corella, near the village of Sikatuna, is the Tarsier Research & Development Center, a tarsier sanctuary open to the general public. This simultaneously crazy an…
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Victorias Milling Company

There’s historic paraphernalia on display at the huge Victorias Milling Company, in the town of Victorias, north of Silay. Victorias was the world’s biggest mill during the ’60s and ’70s and is the site of the Churc…
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Museum of Musical Instruments

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Nature Reserve in Bohol

Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary

In Canapnapan, a barangay of Corella, you can see saucer-eyed tarsiers in the wild at the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary. About 10 of these territorial primates hang out in the immediate vicinity of the centre – the g…
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Ugu Bigyan’s Potter’s Garden

Ugu Bigyan’s Potter’s Garden, east of Tiaong, has several open-air studios scattered around a gorgeous, rambling garden. It’s far from your run-of-the-mill potter’s workshop. Large works are displayed in the garden …
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Julia Campbell Agroforest Memorial Park

In barangay Pula in the town of Asipulo, a 48-hectare organic coffee forest has been turned into the Julia Campbell Agroforest Memorial Park. Julia Campbell was a US Peace Corps volunteer whose murder at the hands o…