Top things to do

Top Choice Cafe in Rome


Iconic Necci opened as a gelateria in 1924 and later became a favourite of director Pier Paolo Pasolini. Good for a drink or a meal, it serves up sophisticated Italian cooking to an eclectic crowd of all ages, with …
Top Choice Palace in Lazio

Palazzo Farnese

In Caprarola, 20km southeast of Viterbo, this lordly 16th-century palazzo is a true Renaissance wonder. It features a distinct pentagonal design and, inside, an internal circular courtyard and extraordinary columned…
Top Choice Castle in Puglia

Castel del Monte

You'll see Castel del Monte, an unearthly geometric shape on a hilltop, from miles away. Mysterious and perfectly octagonal, it's one of southern Italy's most talked-about landmarks and a Unesco World Heritage Site.…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Western Sicily

Ruins of Selinunte

The ancient Greek metropolis of Selinunte was built in the 7th century BC on a promontory overlooking the sea, and over two and a half centuries became one of the world's richest and most powerful cities. Destroyed …
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Western Sicily

Ruins of Segesta

One of western Sicily's must-see attractions, the ruins of Segesta straddle a lonely hilltop less than an hour from Palermo and Trapani. The archaeological site's centrepiece, just uphill from the ticket office, is …
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Sulcis

Necropoli di Montessu

One of Sardinia's most important archaeological sites, this ancient necropolis occupies a rocky natural amphitheatre in the verdant countryside near Villaperuccio. It dates to the Ozieri period (approximately 3000 B…
Fashion & Accessories in Tuscany

The Mall

Shop for last season's Gucci, Ferragamo, Ermenegildo Zegna, Fendi, Valentino et al at this mall, 30km from Florence. Buses (€5, up to eight daily) depart daily from the SITA bus station.
Church in Rome

Chiesa Dio Padre Misericordioso

It's well worth making the effort to visit Rome’s minimalist church, set in the suburbs, for a refreshing departure from the excesses of baroque or the classicism of Rome's many Renaissance churches. This beautiful …
Osteria in Rome

Osteria Qui se Magna!

A small, simple place adorned with gingham paper tablecloths with a couple of outside tables, here you can eat heavenly, hearty, home-cooked food, such as carciofi con patata (artichokes with potatoes).
Cave in Southeastern Sicily

Cava d'Ispica

The town of Ispica, about 12km southeast of Modica, is located at the head of the 13km-long gorge known as Cava d'Ispica. Long used as a neolithic burial site, the caves were later transformed into cave dwellings in…