Top Choice Theatre in Naples

Napoli Teatro Festival Italia

One month of local and international theatre, dance and performance art, staged in conventional and unconventional venues.
Cultural in Toledo & Quartieri Spagnoli

Festival MANN

Naples' Museo Archeologico Nazionale serves up eight days of dynamic theatre, dance, concerts, art exhibitions, film screenings and panel discussions, both Italian and international.
Wine in Naples

Wine & The City

A three-week celebration of regional vino, with free wine tastings and cultural events in palaces, museums, boutiques and eateries across the city.
Religious in Centro Storico

Festa della Madonna del Carmine

Pilgrims and fireworks on Piazza del Carmine, in honour of the Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine's miraculous Madonna.
Cultural in Naples

Maggio dei Monumenti

A month-long cultural feast, with a bounty of concerts, performances, exhibitions, guided tours and other events across Naples.
Film in Naples

Napoli Film Festival

One week of local and international flicks and celluloid chat.
Religious in Centro Storico

Festa di San Gennaro

The faithful flock to the Duomo to witness the miraculous liquefaction of San Gennaro's blood three times a year.