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Founded in the 4th century BC, the city started life as a fortified military camp guarding the mouth of the Tiber – hence the name: Ostia is a derivation of the Latin word ostium (mouth). It quickly grew, and by the 2nd century AD was a thriving port with a population of around 50,000.

Decline set in after the fall of the Roman Empire, and by the 9th century the city had largely been abandoned, its citizens driven off by barbarian raids and outbreaks of malaria. Over subsequent centuries, it was plundered of marble and building materials and its ruins were gradually buried in river silt, hence their survival.

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private tour of ancient Ostia from Rome

Relive the atmosphere of an ancient Roman town visiting Ostia Antica with us.Stroll through the ancient buildings, like shops, baths, restaurants, houses, and the theater. Your guide will take you back in time to the Roman era. This wonderful tour will stimulate your imagination, bringing the ruins back to their glorious past.Walking the main streets and the hidden alleys, you’ll be totally immersed because the view shows no sign of the modern town. Your guide will tell you fascinating stories and anecdotes about the Roman town, beginning with the Decumanus Maximus, the main street. Through the details of the stories, you will feel the frenetic sensation of living in a busy port city. You will enjoy visiting the ancient city and admiring its main buildings such as the theater, the House of Diana, the Forum, the Baths, the Thermopolium. At the end of this tour you may even want to live in the ancient town - going to shows in the theater, drinking in the popina, and having a relaxing friendly moment in the forica, the public toilet.The complete duration of the tour is 3.5 hours, including the 25-minute train trip to Ancient Ostia.

$69.41 Kid Friendly

Ancient Ostia Guided Tour for Kids and Families

Your guide will meet you at the Ostia Antica ticket station to begin your 2.5-hour guided small-group tour of Ostia Antica. Located just outside Rome’s city center, Ostia is a slice of Rome’s history not to be missed. The ancient port city of Ostia is now a ghost town. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the people of Ostia realized that their livelihoods were threatened. As a result, the inhabitants left their homes and businesses in search of a safe place that could provide them with a new way of life. As you traverse the streets of this outdoor living museum, your guide will ensure that you see the most important buildings including the theater, thermal baths, mills, the Square of the Guilds, the Capitolium, and much more. Your guide will take you back in time, revealing the story of how the people of this special place once lived. The venue is perfect for children. Your family will explore this historic and important archaeological site where it is possible to see the ruins, walk the streets and enter the buildings. You can choose between 2 options: 2.5 hr PRIVATE TOUR: your guide will be waiting for you at the meeting point and she/he will be glad to answer all your family questions and adjust the tour on your family's needs and interestes. 2.5 hr SMALL GROUP TOUR: the guide will wait for you at the meeting point and you will share her/him with other families.

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Relive the Ancient Ostia: Private Half-Day Tour from Rome

Get picked up from your centrally-located accommodation in Rome and transferred to the excavations at Ostia Antica, not far from the city of Rome, to relive the glory of ancient Rome with us on a guided visit to this former harbor town.Let your imagination wander as you feel like you’ve been transported back in time. The ruins of this once bustling Roman harbor town reveal no sign of the modern world, so you’ll have a truly immersive experience. Walk the main street, the Decumanus Maximus, while your tour guide regales you with fascinating stories of the past. The Roman statues lining the walkways are in such perfect condition you’ll feel as though you are walking among the ancient Romans themselves. You’ll even be enticed to take a dip in the Baths of Neptune, which are crowned by an impressively intact mosaic of the sea god being drawn by a four horse chariot.And if you are a theater fan, you will be astounded by Ancient Ostia’s amphitheater. Take your place in the stands as 3,500 ancient Roman spectators once did back in 12 BC when it was first constructed. Then feel free to relax for a moment with a friend on the communal forica - or toilets - just as the Romans did!Don’t miss the chance to experience the 'better Pompeii,' the tour of Ancient Ostia.

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