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  • Austria's international access code is 00; its country code is 43.
  • Each town and region has its own area code beginning with ‘0’ (eg ‘01’ for Vienna). Drop this when calling from outside Austria; use it for all landline calls inside Austria except for local calls or special toll and toll-free numbers.
  • Austrian mobile (Handy) telephone numbers begin with 0650 or higher up to 0699 (eg 0664 plus the rest of the number). Numbers beginning with 0900 are exorbitantly charged and best avoided. Some large organisations have ‘050’ numbers, which do not need an area code (a local call from a landline, but more expensive from a mobile phone).
  • There’s a wide range of local and international Telefonwertkarte (phonecards), which can save you money and help you avoid messing around with change. They are available from post offices, Telekom Austria shops, call shops and Tabak kiosks.

International Calls

To direct-dial abroad, first telephone the overseas access code (00), then the appropriate country code, then the relevant area code (minus the initial ‘0’ if there is one), and finally the subscriber number. International directory assistance is available on 0900 11 88 77.

Tariffs for making international calls depend on the zone. To reverse the charges (call collect), you have to call a free phone number to place the call. Some of the numbers are listed below (ask directory assistance for others):

Australia (0800-200 202)

Ireland (800-200 213)

New Zealand (0800-200 222)

South Africa (0800-200 230)

UK (0800-200 209)

USA (AT&T; 0800-200 288)

Mobile Phones

Travellers from outside Europe will need a tri- or quad-band (world) mobile phone for roaming. Local SIM cards (about €15) are easily purchased for ‘unlocked’ phones. Visitors from the EU can roam freely at domestic prices.


The Handy (mobile phone) network works on GSM 1800 and is compatible with GSM 900 phones; it is not compatible with systems from the US unless the mobile phone is at least a tri-band model that can receive one of these frequencies. Japanese mobile phones need to be quad-band (world phone) to work in Austria. Roaming can get very expensive if your provider is outside the EU.

Prepaid SIM Cards

Phone shops sell prepaid SIM cards for making phone calls or SIM cards capable of being used on smart phones for data (ie using internet apps) as well as making calls. Typically, you pay about €15 for a SIM card and receive about €10 free credit. To use one, your mobile phone must be not locked to a specific carrier.


Make sure your data transfer capability is deactivated while roaming. Austria has lots of wi-fi hot spots that can be used for surfing or making internet calls (such as on Skype) using smart phones with wi-fi capability.