Northern Nevada

Anchored by the population centers of the Reno-Tahoe area to the west, and Las Vegas to the southeast, the vast area referred to as Northern Nevada (or the Great Basin) holds most of Nevada's landmass but relatively few residents. It's a high desert of vast valleys stretching out in all directions until they collide with range after range of great, craggy mountains, draped white in winter, golden with blooms in spring and sage green in the summer sun.

It's big country out here – wild, remote and near-silent. Anyone seeking the 'Great American Road Trip' will savor the historic towns, pioneering outposts and quirky diversions set alongside and beyond the lonely highways. You'll find pioneer trails, remote hot-spring tubs, gold-rush ghost towns and jaw-dropping vistas of high peaks and miles-long views.

If you thought Nevada was all empty desert, think again.

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