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Money and costs

Shillings (TZS)
Exchange Rates
Rates provided by Open Exchange Rates. Last updated January 17, 2019 11:48AM UTC
Daily Costs
Budget (up to)
  • Camping per person: US$5–15
  • Bed in a hostel or budget guesthouse: US$15–25
  • Meal in a local restaurant: US$2–5
  • Long-distance bus fares: US$5–25
  • Double room in a midrange hotel: US$50–150
  • Restaurant meal: US$5–10
  • Vehicle hire per day: from US$100
Top end (more than)
  • Double room in an upmarket hotel: from US$150
  • Upmarket safari packages per person per day: from US$250
  • Domestic one-way flights: US$75–300

The easiest way to access money while travelling in Tanzania is at ATMs using a Visa card.


  • Restaurants Tipping is generally not practised in small local establishments, especially in rural areas. In major towns and in places frequented by tourists, tips are expected. Some top-end places include a service charge in the bill. Usually, however, either rounding up the bill or adding about 10% to 15% is standard practice.

  • Safaris and Treks On treks and safaris, it’s common practice to tip drivers, guides, porters and other staff.

  • Taxis Tipping is not common practice, except for longer (full-day or multiday) rentals.