Top Choice Church in Zürich


The 13th-century cathedral is renowned for its stunning, distinctive stained-glass windows, designed by the Russian-Jewish master Marc Chagall (1887–1985). He did a series of five windows in the choir stalls in 1971…
Top Choice Museum in Zürich


Zürich’s impressive fine-arts gallery boasts a rich collection of largely European art. It stretches from the Middle Ages through a mix of Old Masters to Alberto Giacometti stick figures, Monet and Van Gogh masterpi…
Museum in Zürich

Beyer Museum

Inside the premises of a purveyor of fine timepieces is this little jewel of a small museum, which chronicles the rise of timekeeping, from striated medieval candles to modern watches. To see short videos of the mos…
Gallery in Zürich

Cabaret Voltaire

Birthplace of the zany Dada art movement, this bar-cum-art-space came back to life in 2004 as a hotbed of contentious art exhibitions and socially critical artistic ferment. Watch a 30-minute film about the history …
Church in Zürich


Founded by Charlemagne in the 9th century (but heavily reworked since), Zürich's twin-towered landmark cathedral sits directly across the river from Fraumünster. The interior showcases stained-glass work by Augusto …
Museum in Zürich

James Joyce Foundation

James Joyce spent much of WWI in Zürich and wrote Ulysses here. This foundation, which boasts Europe's largest Joyce collection, hosts regular English-language readings of his work on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday af…
Gallery in Zürich

Kunsthalle Zürich

Upstairs from the Migros Museum, the ‘Art Hall’ features changing exhibitions of contemporary art, spread over two floors.
Museum in Zürich

Migros Museum

Housed in the newly renovated Löwenbräu brewery, this well-funded contemporary art museum focuses on innovative work from the past few decades. Take tram 4, 13 or 17 to Dammweg.
Museum in Zürich

Museum Für Gestaltung

Consistently impressive and wide-ranging, the revolving exhibitions at this design museum can include anything from works by classic photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson to advertising for design furniture of…
Gallery in Zürich

Museum Rietberg

Set in three villas in a leafy park and fronted by a striking emerald glass entrance, this museum houses the country’s only assembly of African, Oriental and ancient American art. The permanent collection is frequen…