Top Choice Fortress in Belgrade

Kalemegdan Citadel

Some 115 battles have been fought over imposing, impressive Kalemegdan; the citadel was destroyed more than 40 times throughout the centuries. Fortifications began in Celtic times, and the Romans extended it onto th…
Top Choice Museum in Belgrade

Museum of Yugoslav History

This must-visit museum houses an invaluable collection of more than 200,000 artefacts representing the fascinating, tumultuous history of Yugoslavia. Photographs, artworks, historical documents, films, weapons, pric…
Top Choice Monument in Belgrade

Maršal Tito's Grave

A visit to Tito's mausoleum is obligatory. The big man rests in an aptly gigantic tomb in peaceful surrounds. Also on display are thousands of elaborate relay batons presented to him by young 'Pioneers', plus gifts …
Top Choice Museum in Belgrade

Nikola Tesla Museum

Meet the man on the 100DIN note at one of Belgrade's best museums, where you can release your inner nerd with some wondrously sci-fi-ish interactive elements. Tesla's ashes are kept here in a glowing, golden orb: de…
Gallery in Belgrade

Zepter Museum

This impressive collection of works by contemporary Serbian artists became Serbia’s first private museum in 2010, but remains somewhat hidden even though it's housed in a magnificent 1920s building in the heart of p…
Gallery in Belgrade

O3ONE Art Space

One of the most popular art spaces in Belgrade, O3ONE hosts a roster of avant-garde exhibitions focusing on contemporary art, science and new technologies.
Palace in Belgrade

Royal Compound

Commissioned between the two world wars by soon-to-be-assassinated King Alexander I of Yugoslavia, the Royal and White Palaces in Belgrade's exclusive Dedinje neighbourhood were residences of King Peter II and used …
Island in Belgrade

Great War Island

Despite the name, this island at the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers is a peaceful retreat from bustling Belgrade. Once a strategic defence point in various battles for the city, it's been left to run gloriousl…
Tower in Belgrade

Mt Avala

Looming over Belgrade and topped with the tallest tower in the Balkans (204.5m), Mt Avala is a city landmark that makes for a pleasant break from the capital's bustling streets. The broadcasting tower (400DIN) offer…
Museum in Belgrade

Museum of African Art

Perhaps unexpectedly, Belgrade boasts the region’s only museum entirely dedicated to African culture. Founded in 1977 by a Yugoslav diplomat, this excellent collection now includes several thousand artefacts of West…