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The gateway to Sossusvlei is Sesriem (Six Thongs), which was the number of joined leather ox-wagon thongs necessary to draw water from the bottom of the nearby gorge. Sesriem remains a lonely and far-flung outpost, home to little more than a petrol station and a handful of tourist hotels and lodges.

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Wildlife and Wonders of Southern Africa

Embrace your wild side on a 21-day journey that will introduce you to southern Africa’s dramatic landscapes and legendary wildlife. Begin in stark and stunning Namibia, where the desert meets the sea, and continue to Victoria Falls to witness Mother Nature’s raw power in action. Go in search of elephants and lions in Zimbabwe’s largest national park, and fly to the panhandle of the Okavango Delta for a wildlife walk with an expert local guide. Discover what awaits you in the heart of Southern Africa.

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Wonders of Namibia

Embark on a Namibian adventure rich in wildlife and culture. Set out on wildlife drives in Etosha National Park in search of elephants, giraffes, and lions; visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund to get up close to these vulnerable cats; and gaze at one of Africa’s most dramatic desert landscapes. Like the shifting sand dunes that reshape its horizon, this incredible place will transform you.

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Discover Namibia & Victoria Falls

Go on an epic 12-day adventure in Namibia that includes two days on the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls. From the parched red and orange landscapes of Namib-Naukluft National Park to the astounding wildlife sanctuary at Etosha, Namibia will bring out your inner explorer. Cap off the experience amid the awe-inspiring thunder and rush of the world’s great waterfall.

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Cape Town, Kruger & Namibia

Gazing out over Cape Town from Table Mountain, the panorama alone is worth the trip to Southern Africa. Then again, this epic 19-day adventure to South Africa and Namibia is filled with rewards for travellers. Marvel at the Cape Floral Kingdom on stunning display at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, watch for the "big five" in Kruger National Park, and climb dunes in the sweeping deserts of Namibia. Along the way, the views just may change your outlook.

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Discover Kruger & Namibia

Delve into the wildernesses of South Africa and Namibia on an unforgettable 16-day adventure. Search for the "big five" with a National Geographic researcher, explore the stunning dunes of the parched Namib Desert, and meet scientists at the National Geographic-supported Cheetah Conservation Fund. As you track animals in the wild, find your element amid the rawness of the African bush.

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Southern Africa: Desert, Wildlife & Falls

Whether it’s the roar of a lion or the roar of Victoria Falls, there are bound to be many memorable moments on this 27-day southern African journey. Spot wildlife on a thrilling safari in Kruger National Park, marvel at Namibia’s undulating dunes in the world’s oldest desert, and explore Botswana’s Okavango Delta in a traditional dugout canoe. From spectacular South Africa to the wilds of Zimbabwe, an unforgettable adventure awaits.

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