Must-see attractions in Kenya

  • Baboon Cliffs

    Lake Nakuru National Park

    This popular viewpoint and one-time lunch spot has superlative views out over the lake, with some fine aerial vistas down onto the flooded lake shore…

  • Mombasa Marine National Park & Reserve

    South Coast

    The offshore Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve has impressive marine life, although it cops some pollution from industry in the area. You can hire…

  • Mandhry Mosque


    Founded in 1570, Mandhry Mosque in the Old Town is the city's oldest, and an excellent example of Swahili architecture, which combines the elegant…

  • Kilifi Creek


    This might be the only place where we wouldn't mind being up the creek without a paddle. It's just gorgeous, from the cliffs jutting up out of the water,…

  • Mudanda Rock


    Towering over a natural dam near the Manyani gate, this towering natural formation runs for over 1.5km. It attracts elephants in the dry season and is…

  • Kenyatta Beach

    South Coast

    Busy with vacationing Kenyan families and snack sellers peddling their wares, Kenyatta Beach is the place to come if you're looking for a totally local…

  • Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary


    The Taita Hills, a fertile area of verdant hills and scrub forest, is a far cry from the semi-arid landscape of Tsavo. Within the hills is the private…

  • Sinet Delta

    Amboseli National Park

    From Normatior (Observation Hill), the northern route runs across the Sinet Delta, which is an excellent place for birdwatching. The vegetation is thicker…

  • Kipini Wildlife Conservancy


    This low-key private coastal conservancy sits on the grounds of the failed Nairobi Cattle Ranch, and receives a trickle of international volunteers. There…

  • Nyali Beach

    South Coast

    This attractive strip of white sand practically disappears at high tide – particularly its northern end. At the southern end of the beach, look out for…

  • Crying Stone of Ilesi

    Western Kenya

    The Crying Stone of Ilesi is a local curiosity perched on a ridge 3km south of town. The formation, looking like a solemn head resting on weary shoulders,…

  • Sheldrick Falls

    South Coast

    These pretty 21m-high falls are laced with lianas and greenery, and have a natural plunge pool. Free, two-hour, 2km walks, organised by the Kenya Wildlife…

  • Kirepwe Island


    Mida Eco-Camp organises day trips (KSh3500) to this quiet island just across the estuary. The ruins are atmospheric and you can visit a Giriama village…

  • Obsidian Cave

    Southern Rift Valley

    Close to the Elsa Gate end of the Buffalo Circuit, a side track leads for 2km to the Obsidian Cave, where you’ll find moderately interesting examples of…

  • Kiunga Marine National Reserve

    Lamu Archipelago

    This stunning, little-visited marine reserve covers 270 sq km and includes beautiful coral reefs. The reefs are ideal for snorkelling and whale sharks can…

  • Bamburi Beach

    South Coast

    Lined with a couple dozen hotels, Bamburi Beach is a 6km stretch of palm-shaded white sand. Outside low tide, the waters are good for swimming, and there…

  • Elephant Hill

    South Coast

    With the best viewpoint in the reserve, this hill is the place to see elephants. It affords lovely views out over the valley towards the ocean. Armed…

  • Soysambu Conservancy

    Southern Rift Valley

    This private conservancy offers quite extensive wildlife viewing, as well as camping. It is home to colobus monkeys, Rothschild's giraffes and about 450…

  • Poacher's Lookout

    Tsavo West National Park

    A short distance northwest of Severin Safari Camp, this hilltop vantage point offers fine views out over the park, and especially fine views west to the…

  • Lirhanda Hill Lookout

    Western Kenya

    Depending on where you're staying, it can be about a five-hour return hike to Lirhanda Hill. Being there for sunrise or sunset is highly recommended.

  • Lugards Falls


    One of the prettiest stretches along the Galana River, Lugards Falls is a wonderful landscape of water-sculpted channels and striated rocks.

  • Buyangu Hill Lookout

    Western Kenya

    It's a 4km drive or walk from the park entrance to Buyangu Hill, from where there are uninterrupted views east to the Nandi Escarpment.

  • Hot Springs & Geysers

    Southern Rift Valley

    About halfway along the lake, hot springs and geysers spew boiling fluids from the earth’s insides.

  • Marere Dam

    South Coast

    A watering hole that attracts animals, including elephants. Also a great birdwatching spot.

  • Hippo Pool


    Nairobi National Park's main concentration of hippos.

  • Kenya, Lamu Island, Lamu. A sailing boat (mashua) framed in an arch of Lamu Fort, which is now a museum.

    Lamu Fort

    Lamu Island

    This squat castle was built by the Sultan of Paté between 1810 and 1823. From 1910 right up to 1984 it was used as a prison. It now houses the island’s…

  • Sibiloi National Park

    Northern Kenya

    A Unesco World Heritage Site, Sibiloi is located up the eastern shore of Lake Turkana and covers 1570 sq km. It was here that Dr Richard Leakey discovered…

  • Faza

    Lamu Archipelago

    Connected to the mainland by a causeway, the biggest settlement on the island has a chequered history. Faza was almost totally destroyed by the Paté town…

  • Household items in the Swahili House museum, Old Stone Town, Lamu, Kenya

    Swahili House

    Lamu Island

    This preserved 16th-century Swahili house, tucked away to the side of Yumbe Guest House, in a tranquil courtyard with a well, is beautiful. The entry fee…

  • Chyulu Hills National Park


    One of Kenya’s least-visited parks, Chyulu Hills National Park is a line of pretty green hills that rise above the arid plains between Amboseli and Tsavo…

  • Mt Kulal

    Northern Kenya

    Mt Kulal (2293m) dominates Lake Turkana’s eastern horizon and its forested volcanic flanks offer some serious hiking possibilities. This fertile lost…

  • Central Island National Park

    Northern Kenya

    Bursting from the depths of Lake Turkana, and home to thousands of living dinosaurs, is the Jurassic world of Central Island volcano, last seen belching…

  • Crater Lake Game Sanctuary

    Lake Naivasha

    Surrounding a beautiful volcanic crater lake fringed with acacias, this small sanctuary has many trails, including one for hikers along the steep but…

  • Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park


    This tiny park covers little more than 20 sq km and is built around the summit and slopes of Ol Donyo Sabuk (2146m), known by the Kikuyu as Kilimambongo …

  • Kalama Community Wildlife Conservancy

    Northern Kenya

    Eight kilometres north of Archer’s Post, and abutting the northern boundary of Samburu National Reserve, is this 384-sq-km wildlife conservancy, which…

  • Grave of Denys Finch Hatton

    Southern Rift Valley

    Close to Pt Lamwia, the summit of the range, is the grave of Denys Finch Hatton, the famous playboy and lover of Karen Blixen. The site, on private land,…

  • Ngong Hills Racecourse

    Southern Rift Valley

    Several Sundays a month, hundreds of Nairobi residents flee the noise and bustle of the city for the genteel surroundings of the Ngong Hills Racecourse,…

  • Matondoni

    Lamu Island

    The best place to see dhows being built is the village of Matondoni, in the island's northwest. It’s a peaceful little fishing village that receives few…

  • Lake Elmenteita

    Southern Rift Valley

    Serene and framed by shaggy hills, Elmenteita is quieter and prettier than the lakes to its south, although its relatively open surrounds ensure that it…

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