Must see shopping in Kenya

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    Some of Kenya's more creative artists, photographers, leatherworkers and other high-quality artisans and artists have come together under one roof – the…

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    Utamaduni is a large crafts emporium and easily one of the best places to souvenir shop in Nairobi, with more than a dozen shops selling all kinds of…

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    More than 600 wildlife bronzes by Denis Mathews (from jewellery and small lion-cub-footprint dishes to much larger pieces running into thousands of…

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    Kilifi Design Collective

    Right next to the Wild Living Cafe on the southern outskirts of Kilifi, this excellent shop showcases the wares of four local, ecofriendly Fair Trade…

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    Bombolulu Workshops & Cultural Centre

    This non-profit organisation produces crafts of a high standard and gives vocational training to physically disabled people. Visit the workshops and…

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    Baraka Gallery

    This upmarket gallery is the place to come if you're a serious Africana collector. There are pieces from all over the continent and beyond, from…

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    Our Shop

    We really wish it were our shop, stocked as it is with cowrie-studded Congolese and West African carvings and masks to tempt collectors. Some great…

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    Yusufi Antiques & Gallery

    A real treasure trove of carvings and masks, particularly from West Africa and the Congo, as well as fetishes, brass lanterns and other goodies. Some…

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    This home-run design store of international reputation is located near the southern edge of Kilifi Creek. You'll find stylish leather bags adorned with…

  • City Market

    One of the city’s main souvenir businesses is concentrated in this covered market, which has dozens of stalls selling woodcarvings, drums, spears, shields…

  • Spinners Web

    This place collaborates with workshops and self-help groups around the country. It’s a bit like a handicrafts version of IKEA, with goods displayed the…

  • Banana Box

    Amid the rather-less-altruistic commercialism of the Sarit Centre, Banana Box works in conjunction with community projects and refugee groups and offers…

  • Friday Maasai Market

    On Fridays the popular Maasai craft market opens up here in the upper car park of Village Market.

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    Tuesday Maasai Market

    Busy, popular Maasai markets move around the city according to the day of the week and are excellent shopping experiences. Sites change regularly. At the…

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    Nanyuki Spinners & Weavers

    Started in 1977 and now providing employment to 107 women, this craft cooperative specialises in high-quality woven woollen goods. The women will show you…

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    Wild Living

    Stock up on baobab oil, moringa powder, charcoal briquettes for the barbecue and – why not? – hats made from soft Ugandan bark at this innovative eco-shop…

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    National Museum Shop

    Apart from a small and largely unimaginative collection of curios, Kenya's museum shop has one of the country's best selections of books about Kenya and…

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    Farm Shop

    This is the place to come for locally produced foods, from home-made jams and Longonot honey to delights such as chilli chocolate cashew butter. Although…

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    Fired Earth

    You'll be welcomed by Obadiah and other male potters at this simple, friendly workshop. Watch the spinning kiln and browse the small store, where there's…