Must-see attractions in Uttar Pradesh

  • Taj Mahal, Agra, India

    Taj Mahal


    Poet Rabindranath Tagore described it as 'a teardrop on the cheek of eternity'; Rudyard Kipling as 'the embodiment of all things pure'; while its creator,…

  • Boats on River Ganges

    Manikarnika Ghat


    Manikarnika Ghat, the main burning ghat, is the most auspicious place for a Hindu to be cremated. Dead bodies are handled by outcasts known as doms, and…

  • India, Uttar Pradesh, Agra, Agra Fort, Hall of Public Audience

    Agra Fort


    With the Taj Mahal overshadowing it, one can easily forget that Agra has one of the finest Mughal forts in India. Walking through courtyard after…

  • Taj Mahal viewed from Methab Bagh

    Mehtab Bagh


    This park, originally built by Emperor Babur as the last in a series of 11 parks on the Yamuna’s east bank (long before the Taj was conceived), fell into…

  • 500px Photo ID: 130892773 - Photographed at Assi Ghat, Varanasi

    Assi Ghat


    The furthest south of the main ghats and one of the biggest, Assi Ghat is particularly important as the River Assi meets the Ganges near here and pilgrims…

  • Itimad-ud-Daulah


    Nicknamed the Baby Taj, the exquisite tomb of Mizra Ghiyas Beg should not be missed. This Persian nobleman was Mumtaz Mahal’s grandfather and Emperor…

  • Dashashwamedh Ghat


    Varanasi’s liveliest and most colourful ghat. The name indicates that Brahma sacrificed (medh) 10 (das) horses (aswa) here. In spite of the persistent…

  • Harishchandra Ghat


    Harishchandra Ghat is a cremation ghat – smaller and secondary in importance to Manikarnika, but one of the oldest ghats in Varanasi.

  • Lucknow , Bada Imambara

    Bara Imambara


    This colossal imambara (Shiite tomb complex) is worth seeing in its own right, but the highly unusual labyrinth of corridors inside its upper floors make…

  • Archways at Residency, Lucknow



    The large collection of gardens and ruins that makes up the Residency offers a fascinating historical glimpse of the beginning of the end for the British…

  • Akbar mausoleum, Sikandra near Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, South Asia

    Akbar’s Mausoleum


    This outstanding sandstone and marble tomb commemorates the greatest of the Mughal emperors. The huge courtyard is entered through a stunning gateway…

  • Mahaparinirvana Temple

    Uttar Pradesh

    The highlight of this modest temple, rebuilt in 1927 and set among extensive lawns and excavated monastery and stupa ruins with a circumambulatory path,…

  • Krishna Balaram Temple Complex


    The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (, also known as the Hare Krishnas, is based at the Krishna Balaram temple complex…

  • Jama Masjid, Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh, India

    Jama Masjid

    Fatehpur Sikri

    This beautiful, immense mosque was completed in 1571 and contains elements of Persian and Indian design. The main entrance, at the top of a flight of…

  • Jehangir's Palace


    This huge red-sandstone palace inside Agra Fort, a combination of Indian and Central Asian architectural styles, was most likely built by the Mughal ruler…

  • Khas Mahal


    This beautiful marble pavillion and pool formed the living quarters of Shah Jahan, while the large attached courtyard housed the court harem.

  • Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India - April 15, 2013: The Palace of Fatehpur Sikri in India

    Palaces & Pavilions

    Fatehpur Sikri

    The main sight at Fatehpur Sikri is the stunning imperial complex of pavilions and palaces spread amid a large, abandoned 'city' peppered with Mughal…

  • The Golden Temple of Vishwanath, holiest temple in Varanasi (formerly Benares), entry forbidden to non-Hindus, Uttar Pradesh, India, Asia

    Vishwanath Temple


    There are temples at almost every turn in Varanasi, but this is the most famous of the lot. It is dedicated to Vishveswara – Shiva as lord of the universe…

  • Vishwanath Temple

    Banares Hindu University


    Long regarded as a centre of learning, Varanasi’s tradition of top-quality education continues today at Banares Hindu University, established in 1916. The…

  • Elephant Conservation Centre


    Wildlife SOS runs this conservation centre, which offers rehabilitation and medical care to rescued elephants. You'll get to see the elephants while…

  • Kinari Bazaar


    The narrow streets behind Jama Masjid are a crazy maze of overcrowded lanes bursting with colourful markets. There are a number of different bazaars here,…

  • Taj Museum


    Within the Taj complex, on the western side of the gardens, is the small but excellent Taj Museum, housing a number of original Mughal miniature paintings…

  • La Martinière School


    This prestigious boarding school – where British pop legend Sir Cliff Richard studied – was designed and built by influential Frenchman Major General…

  • Ramabhar Stupa

    Uttar Pradesh

    Architecturally, this half-ruined 15m-high stupa is little more than a dome-shaped clump of red bricks, but there's an unmistakable aura about this place…

  • Bahu Begum Ka Maqbara

    Uttar Pradesh

    In Faizabad, the so-called 'Taj Mahal of the East' (OK, an overstatement) is a unique 42m-high maqbara (mausoleum) built for the queen of Nawab Shuja-ud…

  • Samadhi Swamiji Maharaj Bagh


    Known simply as Swami Bagh, this huge white marble mausoleum houses the tomb of Sri Shiv Dayal Singh Seth, the founder of the intriguing Radhasoami Faith…

  • Agra Bear Rescue Facility


    A sanctuary for over 200 rescued 'dancing' sloth bears, located in a bird sanctuary 25km outside Agra on the road to Delhi. Visitors can tour the park…

  • Kamadgiri

    Uttar Pradesh

    Pilgrims flock to this hill revered as the holy embodiment of Lord Rama. A 5km parikrama (circuit) around the base of the hill takes you past prostrating…

  • Rangaji Temple


    The largest temple in Vrindavan, this is dedicated to the god Vishnu (of whom Krishna was an avatar). It's built in a South Indian Dravidian style, and…

  • Chini-ka-Rauza


    This Persian-style riverside tomb of Afzal Khan, a poet who served as Shah Jahan’s chief minister, was built between 1628 and 1639. Rarely visited, it is…

  • Rumi Darwaza


    Just beyond the Bara Imambara, the striking Rumi Darwaza was built in the 1780s by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula. It's unusual but imposing, and said to be a copy…

  • Jama Masjid


    This fine mosque, built in the Kinari Bazaar by Shah Jahan’s daughter in 1648 and once connected to Agra Fort, features striking zigzag marble patterning…

  • Bharat Kala Bhavan


    On the Banares Hindu University campus, this museum hosts a wonderful collection of miniature paintings, as well as 12th-century palm-leaf manuscripts,…

  • Jawab


    The jawab, to the east of the Taj Mahal itself, was built for symmetry purposes, matching up identically with the red-sandstone mosque to the west.

  • Munshi Ghat


    Munshi Ghat – also known as Darbhanga Ghat – is one of the more photogenic ghats along the old town stretch of the Ganges in Varanasi.

  • Mosque


    The Taj Mahal's red-sandstone mosque to the west of the main monument is an important gathering place for Agra's Muslims.

  • Diwan-i-Am


    In Agra Fort, the Hall of Public Audiences was where emperor Shah Jahan listened to petitions from ordinary citizens.

  • Kedar Ghat


    A colourful ghat with many steps and a small pool, where a fire aarti is held every evening at 6.30pm.

  • Indo Islamic Architecture

    Chota Imambara


    This elaborate black-and-white tomb was constructed in 1832 by the third king of Oudh, Mohammed Ali Shah (who is buried here, alongside his mother)…

  • Ramnagar fort exterior.

    Ramnagar Fort & Museum


    This crumbling 17th-century fort and palace, on the eastern bank of the Ganges, isn't a prime attraction, but the eccentric museum has some interesting…

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