Samadhi Swamiji Maharaj Bagh


Known simply as Swami Bagh, this huge white marble mausoleum houses the tomb of Sri Shiv Dayal Singh Seth, the founder of the intriguing Radhasoami Faith. The epic building has been in a state of perpetual construction for close to a century now and the elaborate design incorporates a real mish-mash of building styles, including some fabulously delicate floral carvings – it's well worth a look.

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1. Chini-ka-Rauza

2.18 MILES

This Persian-style riverside tomb of Afzal Khan, a poet who served as Shah Jahan’s chief minister, was built between 1628 and 1639. Rarely visited, it is…

2. Itimad-ud-Daulah

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5. Agra Fort


With the Taj Mahal overshadowing it, one can easily forget that Agra has one of the finest Mughal forts in India. Walking through courtyard after…

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In Agra Fort, the Hall of Public Audiences was where emperor Shah Jahan listened to petitions from ordinary citizens.

7. Khas Mahal

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This beautiful marble pavillion and pool formed the living quarters of Shah Jahan, while the large attached courtyard housed the court harem.

8. Jehangir's Palace

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