Uttar Pradesh

This is one of the town’s most popular temples, and is the closest of Ayodhya's major temples to the main road. Walk up the 76 steps to the ornate carved gateway and the fortresslike outer walls, and join the throng inside offering prasad (temple-blessed food) of sweets and marigolds.

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1. Dashrath Bhavan

0.13 MILES

Inside a colourful entrance, you'll find a peaceful courtyard where musicians play and orange-clad sadhus read scriptures.

2. Kanak Bhavan

0.21 MILES

This palace converted into a temple is one of the most impressive in Ayodhya. It was supposedly given to Lord Rama and his wife Sita as a wedding present,…

3. Ram Janam Bhumi

0.38 MILES

This is the highly contentious spot said to be the site of Lord Rama's birth. Security here is staggering (think crossing from West Bank into Israel!)…

4. Ram Katha Museum


Beyond the far northern end of the main road, this museum houses paintings and ancient sculptures. The museum is a short rickshaw ride from Ayodhya's main…

5. Gulab Bari

3.01 MILES

This charming green space of lawns and water features is home to the imposing tomb of Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula (ruled 1753–75), the third nawab of Avadh (Oudh…

6. Bahu Begum Ka Maqbara

4.04 MILES

In Faizabad, the so-called 'Taj Mahal of the East' (OK, an overstatement) is a unique 42m-high maqbara (mausoleum) built for the queen of Nawab Shuja-ud…