Top Choice Church in Trier

Konstantin Basilika

Constructed around AD 310 as Constantine’s throne room, the brick-built basilica is now an austere Protestant church. With built-to-impress dimensions (some 67m long, 27m wide and 33m high), it's the largest single-…
Top Choice Roman Site in Trier


Trier’s Roman amphitheatre could accommodate 20,000 spectators for gladiator tournaments and animal fights. Beneath the arena are dungeons where prisoners sentenced to death waited next to starving beasts for the fi…
Top Choice Gate in Trier

Porta Nigra

This brooding 2nd-century Roman city gate – blackened by time (hence the name, Latin for ‘black gate’) – is a marvel of engineering since it’s held together by nothing but gravity and iron clamps. In the 11th centur…
Top Choice Cathedral in Trier

Trierer Dom

Looming above the Roman palace of Helena (Emperor Constantine's mother), Germany's oldest bishop's church and still retains Roman sections. Today's edifice is a study in nearly 1700 years of church architecture with…
Top Choice Roman Site in Trier


Get a sense of the layout of this vast Roman thermal bathing complex with its striped brick-and-stone arches from the corner lookout tower, then descend into an underground labyrinth consisting of cavernous hot and …
Top Choice Museum in Trier

Rheinisches Landesmuseum

A scale model of 4th-century Trier and rooms filled with tombstones, mosaics, rare gold coins (including the 1993-discovered Trier Gold Hoard, the largest preserved Roman gold hoard in the world, with over 2600 gold…
Top Choice Church in Trier


Germany’s oldest Gothic church was built in the 13th century. It has a cruciform structure supported by a dozen pillars symbolising the 12 Apostles (look for the black stone from where all 12 articles of the Apostle…
Museum in Trier

Bischöfliches Dom-und Diözesanmuseum

Trier's cathedral was built on the site of the palace of Helena (the mother of Emperor Constantine). The prized exhibit here is a 4th-century Roman ceiling from the palace, in vivid colours, that was pieced together…
Museum in Trier


Upstairs from the cafe Zur Steipe on the Hauptmarkt, the Spielzeugmuseum is chock full of miniature trains, dolls, wooden soldiers and other childhood delights. It's also accessible from Hauptmarkt 14; an entrance f…
Museum in Trier


To see some dazzling ecclesiastical equipment and peer into early Christian history, head to the Domschatz.