Must-see attractions in Germany

  • Roses protruding from the Berlin Wall

    Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer

    Prenzlauer Berg

    For an insightful primer on the Berlin Wall, visit this outdoor memorial, which extends for 1.4km along Bernauer Strasse and integrates an original…

  • Tiergarten, Park



    Berlin’s rulers used to hunt boar and pheasants in the rambling Tiergarten until garden architect Peter Lenné landscaped the grounds in the 19th century…

  • Brandenburg Gate.

    Brandenburger Tor

    Historic Mitte

    A symbol of division during the Cold War, the landmark Brandenburg Gate now epitomises German reunification. Carl Gotthard Langhans found inspiration in…

  • Photo Taken In Rottweil, Germany


    The Black Forest

    Sticking out above Rottweil like a sore thumb, the futuristic, environmentally progressive Testturm is the brainchild of steel-engineering giant…

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    Senckenberg Museum

    Frankfurt am Main

    Life-size dinosaur mock-ups guard the front of Frankfurt’s natural history museum. Inside the early 1900s neo-baroque building, exhibits cover…

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    Europäisches Hansemuseum


    Opened in 2015, this brilliant museum tells the remarkable story of the Hanseatic League, Lübeck and the region. For 600 years, city states in northern…

  • Sony Center, Cinema

    Sony Center


    Designed by Helmut Jahn, the visually dramatic Sony Center is fronted by a 26-floor, glass-and-steel tower and integrates rare relics from the prewar era…

  • St. Michael's church in Fulda, Germany.


    Fairy-Tale Road

    A living kernel of Fulda's long history, this early-9th-century church was once the cemetery chapel for the Benedictine monastery around which the town…

  • Römerberg square and Justice fountain, Frankfurt


    Frankfurt am Main

    The Römerberg is Frankfurt’s old central square. Ornately gabled half-timbered buildings, reconstructed after WWII, give an idea of how beautiful the city…

  • Triberg waterfalls

    Triberger Wasserfälle

    The Black Forest

    Niagara they ain’t but Germany’s highest waterfalls do exude their own wild romanticism. The Gutach River feeds the seven-tiered falls, which drop a total…

  • Sammlung Boros


    This Nazi-era bunker presents one of Berlin's finest private contemporary art collections, amassed by advertising guru Christian Boros who acquired the…

  • Autostadt

    Lower Saxony & Bremen

    A hit with car buffs of all ages, Autostadt is a celebration of all things automobile, spread across 25 hectares. A visit to this theme park and museum…

  • Kaiserdom

    Heidelberg Region

    Begun in 1030 by Emperor Konrad II of the Salian dynasty, this extraordinary Romanesque cathedral has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1981. Its…

  • Neuenburg Castle, Freyburg, Germany.

    Schloss Neuenburg

    Central Germany

    This large medieval castle on the hill above town is one of Freyburg’s highlights. It houses an excellent museum that illuminates various aspects of…

  • Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

    Fairy-Tale Road

    Situated 6.5km west of Kassel Hauptbahnhof, and 3km west of Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe station, in the enchanting Habichtswald nature park, this spectacular 560…

  • Neues Schloss Schleissheim


    The crown jewel of Schleissheim's palatial trio is the Neues Schloss Schleissheim. This pompous pile was dreamed up by Prince-Elector Max Emanuel in 1701…

  • Museum Brandhorst


    A big, bold and aptly abstract building, clad entirely in vividly multihued ceramic tubes, the Brandhorst jostled its way into the Munich Kunstareal in a…

  • Ruhr Museum

    The Ruhrgebiet

    The former coal-wash plant at the Unesco-listed Zeche Zollverein provides a suitably atmospheric setting for accessible and engaging exhibits on the…

  • Schloss Wilhelmshöhe

    Fairy-Tale Road

    Erstwhile home to Kaiser Wilhelm II, Wilhelmshöhe Palace (1786–98) at the foot of Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, today houses one of Germany’s greatest art…

  • Zeche Zollverein

    The Ruhrgebiet

    A key site along the Ruhr area's Industrial Heritage Trail, the former Zollverein coal mine was a marvel of efficiency while in operation from 1932 until…

  • HockenheimRing

    Heidelberg Region

    The hallowed HockenheimRing, 22km southwest of Heidelberg just east of the A6, has three circuits and stands accommodating up to 120,000 fans. It hosts…

  • Archäologischer Park

    Cologne & Northern Rhineland

    The Roman Colonia Ulpia Traiana has been reborn as an archaeological park, an open-air museum that features faithfully reconstructed buildings to help…

  • Bauhausgebäude

    Central Germany

    It’s almost impossible to overstate the significance of this building, erected in 1925–26, as a school of Bauhaus art, design and architecture. Today a…

  • Nikolaikirche


    This church has Romanesque and Gothic roots, but since 1797 has sported a striking neoclassical interior with palm-like pillars and cream-coloured pews…

  • Deutsches Auswandererhaus

    Bremen & the East Frisian Coast

    This spectacular museum stands on the spot where more than 7.2 million emigrants set sail for the US, South America and Australia between 1830 and 1942,…

  • Felix Nussbaum Haus

    Cologne & Northern Rhineland

    Osnabrück-born Jewish painter Felix Nussbaum (1904–44), who emigrated to Belgium and was murdered at Auschwitz, hauntingly documented life, exile,…

  • Dornburger Schlösser

    Thuringian Forest & the Saale Valley

    About 15km north of Jena, you'll find this hillside trilogy of magnificently restored palaces in medieval, Renaissance and rococo styles, with stunning…

  • Militärhistorisches Museum Dresden


    Even devout pacifists will be awed by this engaging museum, housed in a 19th-century arsenal bisected by a bold glass-and-steel wedge designed by Daniel…

  • Museum für Naturkunde


    Fossils and minerals don’t quicken your pulse? Well, how about Tristan, the T-Rex? His skeleton is among the best-preserved in the world and, along with…

  • Terra Mineralia

    Leipzig & Western Saxony

    Occupying a greater part of the 16th-century Freundenstein castle, this astounding collection of minerals makes human-made art seem insignificant compared…

  • Schloss Ehrenburg

    Nuremberg & Franconia

    The erstwhile residence of the Coburg dukes, Ehrenburg is a must for fans of the British monarchy – it was here that Prince Albert spent his childhood and…

  • Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister


    This astounding collection of European art from the 16th to 18th centuries houses an incredible number of masterpieces, including Raphael's famous Sistine…

  • Römisch-Germanisches Museum


    Sculptures and ruins displayed outside the entrance are merely the overture to a full symphony of Roman artefacts found along the Rhine. Highlights…

  • Grube Messel

    Frankfurt & Southern Rhineland

    A Unesco World Heritage Site, this one-time coal and oil shale quarry 10km northeast of Darmstadt is renowned for its superbly preserved animal and plant…

  • Nationalpark Schwarzwald


    An outdoor wonderland of heather-speckled moors, glacial cirque lakes, deep valleys, mountains and near-untouched coniferous forest, the Black Forest…

  • Burg Eltz

    Moselle Valley

    At the head of the beautiful Moselle side-valley the Eltz, Burg Eltz is one of Germany's most romantic medieval castles. Never destroyed, this fairy-tale…

  • Zitadelle Spandau

    Around Berlin

    The 16th-century Spandau Citadel, on a little island in the Havel River, is considered one of the world’s best-preserved Renaissance fortresses. With its…

  • Zeppelin Museum

    Lake Constance

    Near the eastern end of Friedrichshafen’s lake-front promenade is the Zeppelin Museum, housed in the Bauhaus-style former Hafenbahnhof (harbour station),…

  • Schloss Thurn und Taxis


    In the 15th century, Franz von Taxis (1459–1517) assured his place in history by setting up the first European postal system, which remained a monopoly…

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