Burg Eltz

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At the head of the beautiful Moselle side-valley the Eltz, Burg Eltz is one of Germany's most romantic medieval castles. Never destroyed, this fairy-tale vision of turrets, towers, oriels, gables and half-timber has jutted forth from a rock framed by thick forest for nearly 900 years and is still owned by the original family. The decorations, furnishings, tapestries, fireplaces, paintings and armour you see during the 40-minute tour (English brochures provided; English-language tours by appointment) are also centuries old.

From the Eltz car park it's a shuttle bus ride (€2; four daily May to October, four on Saturday and Sunday only in April) or 1.3km walk to the castle. From Koblenz, boats and trains also go to Moselkern village, from where it's a lovely 5km walk to the castle.

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