Karmeliterkirche St Josef

Moselle Valley

Up a steep staircase from Fürst-Metternich Strasse, this baroque 17th-century Carmelite monastery church has a spectacular interior with a vaulted ceiling supported by soaring apricot-coloured columns. The Kloster (cloister) restaurant/cafe has a sheltered inner courtyard as well as a panoramic terrace.

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1. Burg Metternich

0.12 MILES

Above Beilstein looms Burg Metternich, a ruined hilltop castle reached via a footpath off Im Mühlental (at the top of cobbled Bachstrasse). Built in 1129,…

2. Reichsburg

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Like many others in the area, Cochem's original 11th-century castle fell victim to French troops in 1689, then stood ruined for centuries until wealthy…

3. Bundesbank Bunker


Camouflaged as residential buildings and built to survive a nuclear war, this extraordinary Cold War secret bunker owned by the German Federal Bank was…

4. Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay

4.75 MILES

Stretching 360m at a height of 100m above ground, Germany's largest suspension bridge isn't for the faint-hearted but the valley views are spectacular…

5. Burg Eltz

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At the head of the beautiful Moselle side-valley the Eltz, Burg Eltz is one of Germany's most romantic medieval castles. Never destroyed, this fairy-tale…

6. Mont Royal

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Above Traben are the remains of the vast Mont Royal fortress, constructed between 1687 and 1698 and designed by Vauban for Louis XIV as a base from which…

7. Buddha Museum

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A magnificent 1906 Jugendstil former winery, designed by Bruno Möhring, is the unlikely home of the Buddha Museum, which has a beautifully presented…

8. Mittelmosel-Museum

12.53 MILES

A 1755 baroque villa proud of having hosted Johann Wolfgang von Goethe for a few hours in 1792 is now home to Traben-Trarbach's local history museum…