Mont Royal

Moselle Valley

Above Traben are the remains of the vast Mont Royal fortress, constructed between 1687 and 1698 and designed by Vauban for Louis XIV as a base from which to project French power. Ruinously expensive, it was dismantled before completion by the French themselves under the Treaty of Ryswick. The 1.5km-long footpath up to the site begins at the upper end of Römerstrasse.

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Nearby Moselle Valley attractions

1. Buddha Museum

1.67 MILES

A magnificent 1906 Jugendstil former winery, designed by Bruno Möhring, is the unlikely home of the Buddha Museum, which has a beautifully presented…

2. Mittelmosel-Museum

1.75 MILES

A 1755 baroque villa proud of having hosted Johann Wolfgang von Goethe for a few hours in 1792 is now home to Traben-Trarbach's local history museum…

3. Grevenburg

1.91 MILES

The Grevenburg castle, built in the mid-1300s, sits high in the craggy hills above Trarbach, with incredible valley views. Because of its strategic…

4. Marktplatz

4.38 MILES

Bernkastel’s pretty Marktplatz, a block inland from the bridge, is enclosed by a romantic ensemble of half-timbered houses with beautifully decorated…

5. Pfarrkirche St Michael

4.38 MILES

Facing the bridge, this partly 14th-century-Gothic church has an ornate interior and some colourful stained glass. The tower was originally part of the…

6. Mosel-Weinmuseum

4.41 MILES

Part of the St-Nikolaus-Hospital complex, this small museum has interactive screens (best appreciated by German speakers) and features such as an Aromabar…

7. St-Nikolaus-Hospital

4.41 MILES

Most of Kues’ sights, including the Mosel-Weinmuseum and Mosel Vinothek, are conveniently grouped near the bridge in the late-Gothic St-Nikolaus-Hospital,…

8. Burg Landshut

4.68 MILES

A rewarding way to get your heart pumping is heading from the Marktplatz up to this ruined 13th-century castle, framed by vineyards and forests on a bluff…