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Get a sense of the layout of this vast Roman thermal bathing complex with its striped brick-and-stone arches from the corner lookout tower, then descend into an underground labyrinth consisting of cavernous hot and cold water baths, boiler rooms and heating channels.

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1. Rheinisches Landesmuseum

0.13 MILES

A scale model of 4th-century Trier and rooms filled with tombstones, mosaics, rare gold coins (including the 1993-discovered Trier Gold Hoard, the largest…

2. Palastgarten

0.21 MILES

Stretching south from Konstantinplatz, the lawns, daffodil beds, statues and fountains of the formal Palace Garden are perfect for a stroll, especially on…

3. Konstantin Basilika

0.26 MILES

Constructed around AD 310 as Constantine’s throne room, the brick-built basilica is now an austere Protestant church. With built-to-impress dimensions …

4. Thermen am Viehmarkt

0.26 MILES

Found by accident in 1987 during the construction of a parking garage, and buried beneath WWII air-raid shelters, the remains of a 17th-century Capucinian…

5. Kurfürstliches Palais

0.27 MILES

A pink rococo confection looks out over the lawns, pools and fountains of the formal Palastgarten.

6. Museum Karl-Marx-Haus

0.37 MILES

Revamped in 2018 on the 200th anniversary of Marx' birth, the early-18th-century baroque town house in which the author of The Communist Manifesto and Das…

7. Amphitheatre


Trier’s mighty Roman amphitheatre could accommodate 20,000 spectators for gladiator tournaments and animal fights. Beneath the arena are dungeons where…

8. Liebfrauenbasilika


Germany’s oldest Gothic church was built in the 13th century. It has a cruciform structure supported by a dozen pillars symbolising the 12 Apostles (look…