Abbaye d'Echternach

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Just north of the basilica, 19th-century Benedictine abbey buildings spread towards the tree-lined banks of the Sûre. Most of the complex is now a school and closed to the public, but its famous scriptorium in the vaulted basement houses an atmospheric museum. You’ll see facsimiles of beautiful pages from classic illuminated manuscripts, the stunning cover of the Codex Aureus, a copy of a Celtic high cross, Merovingian sarcophagi and a video of the Sprinprozession (St-Willibrord Pageant) through the ages.

Admission includes an audioguide.

Stroll through the gateway in the Abbey’s north arcade to peek through wrought-iron gates at the splendid 1736 Orangery in formal French-style gardens, or head east between tennis courts to find a 1761 rococo pavilion.

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