Stunning view of the lower city along Alzette river and Le Chemin de la Corniche of the upper city, Luxembourg

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Chemin de la Corniche

Top choice in Luxembourg City

Hailed as 'Europe's most beautiful balcony', this pedestrian promenade winds along the course of the 17th-century city ramparts with views across the river canyon towards the hefty fortifications of the Wenzelsmauer (Wenceslas Wall). The rampart-top walk continues along Blvd Victor Thorn to the Dräi Tier (Triple Gate) tower, stretching 600m in total.

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2. Cathédrale Notre-Dame

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Completed in 1838, the city's neoclassical town hall was largely constructed from the stones of a Franciscan monastery that previously occupied the site…



Startlingly modern for its Old Town setting, the national art and history museum starts deep in an excavated rocky basement with exhibits of Neolithic…

8. Gëlle Fra


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