Militärhistorisches Museum Dresden

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Even devout pacifists will be awed by this engaging museum, housed in a 19th-century arsenal bisected by a bold glass-and-steel wedge designed by Daniel Libeskind. Exhibits have been updated for the 21st century, so don't expect a rollcall of military victories or a parade of weapons. Instead, you'll find a progressive – and often artistic – look at the roots and ramifications of war and aggression.

Exhibits in the Libeskind wedge zero in on such sociocultural aspects as women in the war, animals in the war, war-themed toys, the economy of war and the suffering brought on by war. The historical wing presents a chronology of German wars from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Standouts among the countless intriguing objects are a 1975 Soyuz landing capsule, a V2 rocket, and personal items of concentration camp victims. Allow at least two hours to do this amazing museum justice.

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