Schloss Hohentübingen

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On its perch above Tübingen, this turreted 16th-century castle has a terrace overlooking the Neckar River, the Altstadt’s triangular rooftops and the vine-streaked hills beyond. An ornate Renaissance gate leads to the courtyard and the laboratory where Friedrich Miescher discovered DNA in 1869.

Besides a clutch of museums, the finest of which is the Museum Alte Kulturen, the castle's highlights include the immense, 84,000-litre Grosse Fass wine vat – one of the world's oldest, dating to 1564 – which can only be visited on guided tours at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm (book ahead online).

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1. Museum Alte Kulturen

0.02 MILES

Housed in Tübingen's hilltop castle, this fascinating archaeology museum houses the 40,000-year-old Vogelherd figurines – the world’s oldest figurative…

2. Rathaus

0.12 MILES

Drawing the gaze high above Am Markt, Tübingen's 15th-century Rathaus sports a riotous, exuberantly frescoed baroque facade and an astronomical clock.

3. Neptunbrunnen

0.13 MILES

Statues of four women representing the seasons grace the Neptunbrunnen, the centrepiece of Am Markt square.

4. Am Markt

0.13 MILES

Half-timbered townhouses frame the Altstadt’s main plaza Am Markt, a much-loved student hang-out. Rising above it is the 15th-century Rathaus (town hall),…

5. Platanenallee


Steps lead down from Eberhardsbrücke bridge to Platanenallee, a leafy islet on the Neckar River canopied by sycamore trees. From here, there are views up…

6. Cottahaus

0.21 MILES

The Cottahaus is the one-time home of Johann Friedrich Cotta, who first published the works of Schiller and Goethe. A bit of a lad, Goethe conducted…

7. Hölderlinturm

0.22 MILES

You can see how the dreamy Neckar views from this silver-turreted tower fired the imagination of Romantic poet Friedrich Hölderlin, resident here from…

8. Stiftskirche St Georg

0.24 MILES

The late-Gothic Stiftskirche shelters the tombs of the Württemberg dukes and some dazzling late-medieval stained-glass windows.