Blick über den Eckensee zum Opernhaus im Oberen Schlossgarten bei Nacht, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

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Nearby Stuttgart attractions

1. Mittlerer Schlossgarten

0.02 MILES

The fountain-dotted Mittlerer Schlossgarten draws thirsty crowds to its beer garden in summer.

2. Planetarium Stuttgart

0.11 MILES

This pyramid-shaped planetarium uses up-to-the-minute technology to virtually propel you into outer space, with highly realistic projections of…

3. Turmforum

0.26 MILES

Some of the best views of Stuttgart are from the the top of the tower jutting out from the main train station. A free lift (elevator) deposits you right…

4. Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

0.31 MILES

The neoclassical-meets-contemporary Staatsgalerie bears British architect James Stirling’s curvy, colourful imprint. Alongside big-name exhibitions, the…

5. Unterer Schlossgarten

0.35 MILES

The Unterer Schlossgarten is a ribbon of greenery rambling northeast to the Neckar River and the Rosensteinpark, home to the zoo.

6. Oberer Schlossgarten

0.45 MILES

The Oberer Schlossgarten is framed by eye-catching landmarks such as the columned Staatstheater and the ultra-modern, glass-clad Landtag.

7. Landtag

0.48 MILES

One of Oberer Schlossgarten's most eye-catching landmarks is the ultra-modern Landtag, a glass rectangle housing the state parliament.

8. Kriegsberg Vineyards


The Kriegsberg vineyards rise up just north of the Hauptbahnhof. It's a fine place for a blow-away-the-cobwebs stroll, especially when autumn paints the…